New software update build 555164620 currently rolling out to Fire TV Stick 2


As is almost tradition these days with gadgets on their launch day, a new software update is currently rolling out to the Amazon Fire TV Stick 2. This new update still carries version number, like the software version that the device ships with, but the build number has changed ever so slightly from 555164120 to 555164620 with the newest software version. Judging by the tiny build number change, this update likely just contains bug fixes that were revealed today, now that customers have started using the new device.

Oddly, Amazon’s source code page lists this update as being version, even though the Fire TV Stick 2’s interface labels it as Some people have said that this new update adds the standalone new Music app to the Fire TV 2, but that’s actually not the case, since my device has received this new update and still has the old music section. Like with all other Fire TV devices, the music app will arrive on the Fire TV Stick 2 via a silent system app update. I have yet to find any differences with this new software versions, so please sound off in the comments if you notice anything different compared to the software version that the Fire TV Stick 2 had installed on arrival.

  1. Ujn Hunter says:

    OTG still works? Display Overscan Adjustment still missing?

  2. Gerard Pinzone says:

    Maybe it has to do with this?

    Hopefully they haven’t patched it and it might be a way to obtain root?

  3. MissOldMusicApp says:

    Anyway to get the old Music back? I personally liked how it was integrated into the main screen and more importantly how I could find my music faster as it had the alphabet letters above artists, albums, etc.

    This “new” music app IMO is a big step backwards in terms of user friendliness and usability.

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