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I just spent some time redesigning the site’s navigation menu (that gray thing at the top). Please let me know (preferably with screenshots/photos) in the comments if it looks or acts strange on any of your devices.

  1. Jay says:

    The site looks great on my Macbook Air running Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5. I like the design, Elias.

  2. Ronnie Gray says:

    Items on the site appear to be working properly.

  3. John says:

    Hey Elias, seems maybe your new menu isn’t tapping the mobile responsive size correctly.

    This is from a few tests from some major site analyzers (after I noticed the menu looking off center a bit).

    If you need any assistance or anything from my side you can hit me up @

    **also a free time web designer**

    • AFTVnews says:

      Yeah, there are a few quirks with the mid-range mobile sizes, like some 7-8 inch tablets or large phones used in landscape. I’ll be tweaking it a bit more when I have the time for those sizes. Right now I wanted to get desktop and portrait mobile solid, which it seems I have. Thanks for the offer to help.

  4. Reflex says:

    From a desktop browser this is a substantial improvement. I would suggest making it appear when someone scrolls up so they do not have to return all the way to the top to find it.

  5. HeyRadar says:

    I don’t recall what it looked like before. I don’t visit the page that often.

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