New Roku 4 image confirms Optical Audio and MicroSD slot


A new image of the unanounced Roku 4, published by ZatzNotFunny, confirms the rumored 4K streamer will indeed include both an optical audio port and a microSD slot. That’s something the new Fire TV does not have since Amazon decided to forgo the 1st generation Fire TV’s optical audio to fit in a microSD slot. Since this new Roku 4 image is straight on, unlike the one I uncovered last week, and reveals the ports, we can estiamate the size of the device by using the port sizes as a frame of referance. I estimate the Roku 4 will be around 160mm wide (6.3 inches), making it wider than the Fire TV (115mm wide) but narrower than the Nvidia Shield (210mm wide). If you’re dead set on a 4K streaming device with an optical port, the Roku 4 looks like the way to go. Well, that, or you could just get an HDMI audio extractor.

  1. JackFrost71 says:

    When is this going to be announced?. I thought the rumor was Oct 1st , but that came and went and nothing.

  2. MikeM says:

    Just curious if you tried that hdmi audio extractor device with the existing Fire TV, as there are posts in the amazon review that it doesn’t work with Dolby Digital Plus

  3. Ramos says:

    I rather prefer the AFTV square shaped form factor.
    Size and functionality of AFTV’s LED on the front works well too.
    Simple and minimalist is a way to go!

  4. Rob P says:

    I’m holding off upgrading my Fire TV until the Roku 4 is released. I’m disappointed with the removal of the optical out on the new Fire TV. I’ve also experienced a lot of stuttering with Netflix lately.

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