New Pre-Rooted ROMs for the Fire TV 1, 2, and Stick have just been released

Just before posting about all the new Fire TV software updates yesterday, I sent rbox the update packages that I captured and he has made quick work of releasing new pre-rooted ROMs of these updates. As always, download the ROMs from rbox’s XDA threads here: Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, and Fire TV Stick 1. Please consider donating to rbox if you use his ROMs, so that he can continue releasing future updates for rooted Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks. If you’re still in a giving mood after that, I’d greatly appreciate your support through Patreon.

For the first generation Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, these new ROMs are using the (Build 573210720) software version. For the Fire TV 2, the new ROM is using the (Build 574263120) software version.

Pre-rooted ROMs allow those with rooted devices, who have blocked software updates, to update to the latest software version without losing root. If your device is not already rooted, you cannot use these pre-rooted ROMs to root. Without these pre-rooted ROMs, a rooted Fire TV or Fire TV Stick owner would have to stay on older software versions until a new rooting method was discovered for future updates.

To install these ROMs, your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick must already be rooted and have TWRP custom recovery installed. To see if your device’s current software version can be rooted, and for instructions on how to do so, see my rooting starters guide. If your device is rooted with TWRP installed, follow these instructions to install the new pre-rooted ROM. Those of you with a Fire TV Stick 1 may need to refer to this guide to be reminded how to get into and control TWRP using a PC.

  1. SrTommy says:

    Can I use this rooted rom to auto-start AppStarter? I’m still using 5.0.5 rooted only to use the old FireStarter.

    • Y314K says:

      There are some XPosed modules that will help you do that on any PreRooted version including the latest (It’s good to be the king aka It’s good to be rooted). Although one is old (Xposed Additions) & might mess up voice searching & the other is an updated Paid mod that might works on double/long press home tapping (GravityBox (LP)). Now there is also another XPosed mode called XPosed Edge Pro that can probably does the most of any other module. It is the base for the most FireOS to AndroidTV mod ever completed.

      Links to folks posts about them below:

      I would say probably XPosed Edge Pro will be the best option of all 3 to getting FTV button mapping done right. But I haven’t had time to test it out. Please share with us how it goes for you. Either in the comments here or make a post over at XDA. Maybe in the AppStarter thread or create one.

    • Y314K says:

      On the XPosed Edge Pro we probably don’t need the Pro version for the simple home key remapping you/we are trying to achieve. Seems the Pro features are related to:

      – Conditional(pro only): is screen on, keyguard on, wifi connected/disconnected, battery level, time period, wifi connected to, app focused…
      – Action list(pro only).
      – Saved action list(pro only).

      Try it out. The Pro version is only $1.99 so it’s very cheap for all this module can do. And it’s really being developed right now. Bet if AFTV device owners run into a bug. We should be able to request an update to fix things.

    • Y314K says:

      Gave it a try. And wow, love this module. It’s very good. And so feature packed. Really worth the $1.99 for the Pro version to support it’s developer.

      I now have AppStarter 4.0 smoothly auto boot at startup. It doesn’t even do the Amazon screen flick it use to do with FireStarter before. It just boots straight into AppStarter. When ever I single click Home it goes smoothly into AppStarter. When I double click Home it goes back to the Amazon UI (might change this to go into settings) & I left the long press as default.

      It runs silky smooth. And although one time when I was playing with the settings. They overlapped. I just went out of the Edge’s settings & back in to fix that. Just a minor visual hangup. Very minor one time bug.

      Careful with the module. It is very specific & feature packed. Remember what stuff you messed with so you don’t have to go back to stock or clean the cache & data if you change to many things or the wrong things. Not all the settings will work on the FTV since it’s a XPosed module for both phones & tablets. But it should let you mod just about anything you want on your FTV that is possible.

      Will post this info over & XDA & will try to make a pic walk thru on the changes I made to get it working just right later today. Just two settings & couple of boxes checked. Thanks for your ? I got off my butt & actually tried it out.

      Happy 4th of July everybody!!!

      • Axecaster says:

        Your comment coaxed me off my bottom as well. At a glance, this module seems super sweet. I have a feeling this will replace the previous button-remapping methods you listed.

        • Y314K says:

          Not only that, but as far as I can tell by a brief glance. It could replace [XPOSED] Fire TV Mods by RBox. The only thing it might be missing is the removing the top ads part. Everything else should be achievable by playing withe the tons & tons of possible mods. So well worth the $1.99.

          NOTE: shwru980r just posted that his FireStarter started working (auto started after reboot) again in the latest FW update. Seems it might of been taken off the blacklist of apps. Not sure if it’s temporary & if any of the ADB base options are working again too or not. Just a heads up.

          • Adam says:

            Really wish sphinx02 hadn’t neutered Firestarter in an attempt to placate Amazon.

            He could have “fought” by leaving center button capability, auto-start plumbing and the name intact (yes, I know Amazon took steps to deactivate these) and left the name intact. We could sideload new releases, maybe get new features, and maybe now it would be fully functional again, if shwru980r’s report is accurate.

            Or, he could have continued developing the Appstarter project he started, maybe succeeding at getting it into the Amazon app store, and maybe adding new features.

            But he didn’t do either of those two things, so instead we have the worst of both worlds.

            Make no mistake, I use Appstarter everyday and am everyday grateful to sphinx02 for leaving me much, much better off than before Firestarter/Appstarter, but I still think its a shame the way this project ended.

          • Y314K says:

            Right, I wish he would come back to the project. I still use AppStarter as my main UI. Best option for updating Kodi & SPMC to date too. One click updating.

            I’ve even privately asked other developers if they would take a look at AppStarter/FireStarter source code so they could take over the project but haven’t found any takers. Will keep trying.

            But this Xposed Mod really does help. It doesn’t even have the glitchy transition that the old FireStarter use to have when switching between FireOS UI & FireStarter or at statup. It just does the change very smoothly. And it just goes into AppStarter without ever showing the FireOS UI at bootup.

            Got the pics done for the walk-thru. About to start writing it. This Edge Xposed Module doesn’t even require a mouse for navigation & settings change. It’s that good. Maybe I’ll ask this modules developer to take a look at AppStarter/FireStarter source code. Maybe he can update some stuff for us. You never know. And asking is free.

  2. ian says:

    Does Anyone know if 24p Issues have been sorted out with the latest update?

  3. Mark says:

    1 day turnaround? That man’s a machine!

  4. Tom_Neverwinter says:

    Still no amazon fire stick 2 root :(

    • tech3475 says:

      Considering how long it took to see rooting for UK Fire TV devices (hint: a long time), don’t hold your breath.

      Block updates and keep an eye of this site or XDA.

  5. Ray says:

    Anyone having issues with DirecTV NOW channels taking 20sec+ to load? Im using HideMyRoot method to Hide SU since the app detects root and it worked flawless before but right after update both my boxes now takes long time to load each channel!!

  6. Christopher Loughrey says:

    The last rom has a 24p issue with Kodi forks, has this been resolved or are we safer to remain on older roms?

  7. Gerard Pinzone says:

    Donation link for rbox doesn’t work.

  8. Nate says:

    Newbie question, but if I flash this new ROM on my AFTV2 box, I know my data will stay intact, but will I also be able to keep my Xposed framework I flashed in TWRP?

    • Nate says:

      Just as an aside in case anyone has the same question, you DO have to install the Xposed framework from recovery again when flashing a new pre-rooted ROM.

  9. Nick says:

    After the last rooted Rom, I bricked at the white Amazon start up logo, boot loops there. Anyone have any suggestions? Rooted with TWRP.

  10. Dave Scott says:

    We need a new way to root the new devices. Not just the old roms.

  11. JoeB says:

    After updating the ROM, the following is the mother of all Fire TV/Stik mods…

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