New Pre-rooted ROM released for Fire TV 2 with fix for Hulu and HBO apps

Changes with the DRM used in the latest Hulu and HBO apps have made them incompatible with the last pre-rooted ROM released by Rbox for the Fire TV 2. Thankfully it looks like Rbox has figured out why the apps are incompatible and has released a new version of the pre-rooted ROM with a fix. Fire TV 2 owners with rooted devices can download the new ROM, labeled, from the usual place and install it using TWRP. Huge thanks go to James “Tekno4ever” for stepping up and helping Rbox test the fix, which could have potentially bricked his device. That thankfully didn’t happen and James says the new ROM has fixed the playback issues. And of course, an even bigger thanks to Rbox for figuring out and releasing a fix so quickly. Be sure to send him a few bucks if you have the means.

  1. LazerBlue says:

    Glad to see, that with HideMyRoot, DirectTV Now also works with this update. I can finally have a happy wife again.

  2. sylvio2000 says:

    Is there any news about the 24p stutter or does it work again?

  3. J Jeans says:

    Has anyone tried Magisk? Might be a good alternative that is a systemless root.

    • tech3475 says:

      I heard that Magisk needs an unlocked bootloader to work, so possibly the very early FTV1’s could use it but no other FTV AFAIK.

      • Y314K says:

        Correct. Only FTV1’s with unlocked bootloaders are compatible. And even then. You are replacing root. Only the zip installation option on TWRP will be usable. So will need to make sure that it’s maker adds specific support for them. Since there are no other Amazon devices with FireOS 5 the fit the bill.

        Be patient for now.

  4. Cdlenfert says:

    I’ll add that yesterday the old version of the side loaded Hulu app failed to work on my rooted FTV2. It worked a couple days ago after the initial sideload and test, now suddenly it looks like Hulu is forcing an upgrade.

  5. natebetween says:

    Can anyone help, please? I hadn’t upgraded my AFTV2 in a long time, and my HBO Go hadn’t worked since this summer.

    Finally got around to upgrading, and went straight to, bypassing, since I assumed that the HBO Go fix would be baked into any other newer updates as well.

    HBO Go still didn’t work after the update, so I installed over (Not sure if I wasn’t supposed to do that or not).

    Now HBO Go wouldn’t launch at all. I uninstalled from the apps menu, and now every time I search for HBO Go, it doesn’t give me the option to install, but to open. Every time I open the app, it comes right back to the app info page. I can’t clear any info or cache, because when I go to Manage Apps…HBO Go isn’t there.

    So now I can’t even load or launch HBO Go. :-(

    Any help out there?

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