New Podcast about cord cutting — featuring yours truly

I was invited by Luke from CordCuttersNews along with Ryan from TheStreamingAdvisor to be a host on a new weekly podcast focused on all things related to cable cutting and streaming devices. The inaugural episode, which we recorded yesterday, is now available to stream or download. You should also be able to find it on iTunes and Sticher shortly.

In the podcast we discussed the growth of cord cutting as well as HBO Now’s new customer base. We also talk about the new Roku models and compare their new features to the Fire TV’s new X-Ray feature and the rumored new Apple TV.

If you’re interested, take a listen and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below on which segments you found the most interesting, and whether or not you’d be interested in more episodes.

  1. Dave D says:

    Awesome. Really looking forward to hearing it.

  2. Tinwarble says:

    I just finished listening to the podcast.

    It seems as though the discussions where limited to just the Roku, AFTV and ATV (and some slight mention of the Nexus Player). But nothing mentioned about the upcoming Forge TV or Nvidia Shield console, speaking of the first 4K box, (which, yes, are being pushed as gaming devices but are still really streamers with a controller) and nothing about Android TV which will make Android boxes more TV friendly.

    Also, no mention of how Kodi/XBMC affects consumers choice in what device they buy, nor the fact that Team Kodi has dropped development for the ATV2.

    Another thing which seems to have been missed. Isn’t Netflix already steaming some things (House of Cards) in 4K?

    • AFTVnews says:

      Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it. We never really intended to discuss all the different streaming devices in this episode. It just kind of drifted that way when talking about the new X-Ray feature. I’ll take your comment to mean you want more hardware discussion.

      We want to keep the podcast relevant to the current weeks news and didn’t talk about Kodi because there hasn’t been any news for them this week. But I agree, a discussion about TV boxes in general should mention Kodi. I’ll be sure to bring it up next time we find ourselves comparing features.

      Lastly, the 4K discussion was focused on hardware support, not content. But you’re right, Netflix, along with Amazon and Sony, is one of the main players in 4K content.

      • Tinwarble says:

        You’re welcome. And let me say, because I didn’t do so at first, that for the first podcast everyone did a good job.

        I understand about wanting to keep the cast about the current weeks news, however, the Shield and Forge TV were announced well before the rumors of a new ATV. And when someone had mentioned having competition, the Nexus Player was brought up, but nothing mentioning the Shield or Forge TV. This also lends it’s self to the discussion of who would put out first 4K/HEVC device, the ATV or AFTV, since the Shield will be the first major player.

        As well, I would say that Android TV, not just the Fire TV, has had something to do with Roku not yet releasing a new “fabled” model. Not to mention the SoC power of some the new Android devices about to be released.

        Also, I know that most of the discussion about 4K was in reference to hardware, but there was some discussion about 4K streaming, “I expect that if there’s something is going to be steamed in 4K, it will be that [game], that NFL Now”. I feel as though it should have been mentioned that Netflix is already streaming 4K.

        Not that I’m attempting to be critical, I just feel that somethings that could have been mentioned wasn’t. Although, I do understand that there is only a limited amount of time and not everything that could be talked about could be.

        Anyway, again good job to everyone and I’m looking forward to hearing any upcoming podcasts.

        • Luke says:

          Hello Tinwarble this is Luke from the podcast. Thank you for the great feed back! We got into the 4K talk because of the announcement this week that a major sport will be streaming games in 4K. We do understand Netflix and Amazon have 4K content already but the discussion was about the news that 4K was coming to sports streaming.

          The Shield or Forge TV didn’t come up because there was nothing new to say about it right now. When it gets closer to coming out we will make sure to take a close look at it and how it stacks up.

          Sadly when you try to keep it under a hour something will be missed but I will make sure to keep your feed back in mind for next week.

          Thanks for listening!

  3. AL says:

    Pretty good for a first podcast.

    Please try touch more on Android TV since there several devices that are just about to be released, The Razer Forge TV, and the NVIDIA SHIELD CONSOLE.

    Good Job !

  4. seth says:

    is there a link to an mp3?

  5. Dave D says:

    Great first show. I am happy to hear a podcast centered on streaming devices and services I did not know the Straming Advisor or Cord Cutters websites existed till today. After checking them out I will make them a daily read along with my favorite AFTVNews site.

    I got a kick out of all the posts either complaining or pointing out that you guys didn’t cover every possible topic or device during the first show. Ah, how about saving something for the following weeks show. It’s the first show for petes sake.

    Great job guys. Looking forward to more podcasts.

  6. coops says:


  7. keith says:

    Very good first episode! I think it has great potential and there’s lots of possibilities. I primarily listen but think this would make a good video podcast, given the content. For instance, someone remarked about nexus player and the lack of info (I think…well I know I haven’t heard much.) It’d be cool to actually see some differences in streaming boxes.
    Its just a thought…you’ve got a fan so I’ll be listening anyway. Thanks.

  8. Len Mullen says:

    Good job. You guys engaged me in an interesting conversation and I really enjoyed it. I would suggest that you add an ‘OTA first’ cord cutter to the conversation. While it is true that you kids stream, us old folks are putting up antennas…again. In fact, many never took them down.

    I’m studying my oldest’s viewing habits. He grew up with antenna, Dish, cable, streaming. We severed our relationship with Comcast just before he headed off to college. He has had Netflix and cable in his dorm, but did not even take a television his senior year. It will be interesting to watch what happens when he gets his own place.

    I found it interesting that you chose to focus on the Roku and FTV. Apple TV and Chromecast are important. I would speculate that most Netflix users are using some other device — a PC, a BD player, or a smart television. The most streamed apps are available on most devices. I collected some data on what apps Roku Fanboys stream ( Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Instant, and Hulu top the list. After that comes Nowhere TV (despite people claiming linear tv is dead) then Plex (file server) — they had trouble coming up with a top ten. I suspect Sling TV will end up being a top five streamed service.

    You talked a bit about the Roku ‘catch up’, but did not talk much about the FTV updates (which were nicely covered on this blog).

    I agree Sling TV and other a la carte streaming services will enable some cable cutters. I also agree that wholesale defections are not in our near future. The biggest impact of the acceptance of streaming may well be that the reality does not compare favorably with the fantasy. Streaming quality, buffering, network problems will only get worse as people try to stream 24×7.

    BTW, BUYING antennas and streamers is not the same as USING antennas and streamers. There are an awful lot of Roku refurbs.

    Atari Gameover? How old are you? I still have a large collection of working and still useful Atari 8-bit computer hardware.

    Some ideas for future topics…

    1) OTA. Talk about discovery (,, antennas (roof, attic, set top; vhf, uhf, vhf/uhf), set top boxes (Tivo, DVR+, Mohu), whole house DVRs (Tablo, Simple — what is going on at Simple?), and programming (Boston just added Laff and Decades to a 40+ channel lineup).

    2) DVRs. Whole house vs set top vs PlayLater.

    3) New apps/channels/services.

    4) Service. Talk about what happens when things go wrong. Simple service is nonexistent, tablo’s seems to be very good. Roku support is terrible (the fanboys are openly hostile to people reporting problems). I don’t think streaming will go mainstream until the stuff works better or tech support gets a LOT better.

    5) Media Servers — really Plex vs PlayOn vs …

    Looking forward to the next edition of the blog.

  9. Mark says:

    Good 1st show! A little rough around the edges but a good foundation on which to build the show!

    I disagree about the doubling of antennas and being in use just because of Sling TV. Not sure where those figures are coming from, but I can imagine they are heartily exaggerated.

    Also, and I know I am in the minority here, but yet not really, I put my antenna(s) up right after the switchover to ATSC from NTSC. I also had cable in the MBR for the wife. The antenna was for the main set in the LR. HOWEVER, my (and most) internet comes with basic TV and a couple shopping and news channels. So while “technically” I don’t have cable…I still have cable.

    I am only 1/2 thru the show but I must say I look forward to future podcasts from you 3! Congrats!

  10. Mark says:

    I disagree with the doubling of SALES of antennas because of Sling TV…

    Sorry about that! This is what I meant originally and there is no edit.

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