New NVIDIA Shield TV passes through the FCC


We saw a new NVIDIA Shield Game Controller and a new NVIDIA Shield Remote appear in the FCC last week, and now it’s the main device’s turn. Appearing in the FCC this morning is a new NVIDIA Shield TV carrying model number P2897 abd FCC ID VOB-P2897. The device is described as an “Android TV Game Console,” so from that alone, it seems NVIDIA will still be pushing the Shield TV as a gaming device first and a streaming media box second. As usual, the FCC filing doesn’t reveal much about the device due to confidentiality requests submitted by NVIDIA, but we do know it’s still an 802.11ac WiFi device and it appears to have the same general rectangular shape as the current model. Now that a new Shield TV is confirmed, it shouldn’t be long before we hear about what it packs inside.

  1. Masterblaster says:

    I wonder if this system would be able to play Nintendo NX games in the future. Yes I know the NX system is based on cartridge based games. But if Nintendo offered downloadable games to play on the X1 processor found on the Nvidia Shield. That would be cool. What do you think?

    • Croc says:

      Not gonna happen.

      Why would Nintendo undercut their own hardware platform as Nintendo makes money from it’s hardware sales.

      Secondly by porting their games to Shield they are porting their games to Android which in turns helps Google encroach on their turf and opens up the possibility of piracy plus reverse engineering making the games run on other Android devices.

  2. clocks says:

    So this confirms that it isn’t just a re-release of the original box, but instead will have new hardware?

    I have an extra unopened Shield I bought about a month ago. I wonder if it is time to throw it up on ebay, and put the money towards the new box. (assuming it will have improved specs)

    • John14o says:

      I’ll take your unopened Shield (for a reasonable price, of course).

      I use mine as a media streaming device. I replaced my aging WD TV media player with thw Shield and have been nothing but pleased. Both with the hardware and software support. Honestly, I’ve never played a game on it. Perhaps if I did use it as a game machine, I would be interested in the newer model (faster cpu and gpu etc)

      It would be nice to see the base unit sold as a stand alone, and then the accessories could be purchased as needed. I don’t use the game or standard remote that came with my unit. I have a logitech remote that does everything that I need it to. But again, everyones needs/wants are a bit different

      • clocks says:

        Thanks for your interest, but I will probably try to be patient and wait to see what the new one offers. If it is just a re-release of the current model with a different remote/controller, I will probably keep my second box. If it is a new design, I will def sell the unopened first gen box.

        If you want feel free to follow up with me at moc.liamtoh@47nokkad (reverse it)

    • Jim says:

      Lol same here buddy. I have a shield tv 16gb with an extra controller from the Amazon Prime day sale for about $130 out the door. Should I use it myself and sell my ftv2 or keep the ftv2 and sell the shield tv and wait for the newer shield tv.

      • John14o says:

        I know a couple of people that have a FTV and love it when used with being an Amazon Prime member (which it sounds like you are).

        But if it weren’t for the Amazon prime, how good of a system is it? As in, how nimble (flexible) will it continue to be into the future?

        I went with the Shield TV for a couple of reasons. 1. Right out of the box I was able to access all my 5 NAS boxes filled with HD movies and music (I don’t do a lot of online streaming…. yet) without having to sideload anything. 2. The processing power of the Shield stomps anything currently available, this ensures that my high bit rate movies play as smoothly as possible.

        But these are my needs/wants. I was more concerned with raw computing power for local media.

        I have been prepping for cutting the cord and have an HD homerun unit that I can DVR the broadcast HDTV to one of my NAS boxes and play it back on the Shield. So far the results are promising.

    • Devin Haney says:

      Extra Shield you say.

  3. Greig Fine says:

    I have the shield tv and primarily use it for streaming video. Could not be more pleased with the system. Have had problems with the remote control. The gaming remote works fine, the “tv” remote keeps loosing it’s programming. I may buy the new model for another room depending on specs.

  4. Gator says:

    You don’t suppose it will feature Pascal and support VR? Maybe then, it will get some respect from the Xbox Playstation folks.

    Since the new Xbox and PS will be Red Team supplied.

    • Croc says:

      Respect ?, no chance. Everyone in Steam, Xbox and Playstation considers Android no better than trash as a games platform.

      To Google Shield is it’s third party experiment in the games business, one it can build off if it feels the winds are moving in their favor (they haven’t & won’t without massive intervention from Google).

      To Nvidia Shield is nothing more than a consolation prize it made for itself in losing console contracts to AMD, though now they’ve won a Nintendo contract it remains to be seen how that plays out.

      A lot of things would have to change for the Shield to be considered part of the big boys club of game consoles & some of those things would likely mean stepping on Nintendo’s toes if they are competing with each other for third party development, Nintendo would not like that at all.

  5. tom lupton says:

    As the old one is sold out everywhere and ebay are selling for over £200 they need to rush this out as i need one due to frying old android box.

  6. James says:

    It’s the Best kodi box on market by far. I have tested like 20 different boxes and can’t wait for the new one. Games are fun on it plus emulator apps work well too.

  7. James says:

    Notice how several of the games released on geforce lately would be really VR friendly… I wonder if they have something in the works.

  8. Bill44 says:

    If it’s a nw hardware, love to have a second HDMI out for audio only (for recivers wo/HDCP 2.2 or 3D passtrough).
    Add 3D ISO support.
    Add 88.2 & 176.4KHz audio sampling rate support (I know it will never happen).
    Include remote in bundle.
    Make HD in Pro user replaceable.

  9. Adam Spencer says:

    Been waiting for a Shield TV refresh, I hope it’s not a cut-down version.

  10. Christopher Dack says:

    Just to say nvidia UK now out of stock as well

  11. Crypticc says:

    Just to say nvidia UK now out of stock as well

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