New NVIDIA Shield remote passes through the FCC


Just one day after a new NVIDIA Shield Game Controller made an appearance at the FCC, there is now a new NVIDIA Shield Remote to go with it. The game controller could be dismissed as not enough evidence of a new Shield TV, since NVIDIA’s tablets and other devices can use game controllers, but a Shield remote is really only intended to be used with a Shield TV, so seeing a new one emerge is pretty strong evidence a new Shield TV is on the way. As mentioned in my article about the game controller, there’s a decent chance a new Shield TV might not be much different hardware wise from the existing Shield TV, since the current model likely still has enough power to be on par with whatever the new generation of streaming boxes have to offer.


The new Shield remote that just received FCC approval carries model number P2930 and FCC number VOB-P2930. It still connects via Bluetooth, but has been bumped up from Bluetooth v3.0 to v4.1 since the previous generation remote. Judging by the silhouette in the FCC filing, it seems like the new remote is shorter than the existing remote. If you assume the two remotes are the same width, the new remote is about 25% shorter. In addition to the characteristics of the new game controller, the smaller remote is another indication that perhaps the next generation NVIDIA Shield TV will be released at a lower price point.

The biggest question remaining is whether the two new peripherals will be bundled with the existing NVIDIA Shield TV, or a completely new model. Amazon bundled the existing Fire TV Stick with a new voice remote and called it an “all-new” device, which fooled many reporters into thinking it was new hardware, and probably many consumers. It’s a strategy we’ve seen before from NVIDIA with their Shield tablet. We’ll see.

  1. clocks says:

    I think it will be telling if we see the current model go on sale in coming weeks.

    I think Nvidia original targeted the shield as more of a game console than streaming box. But from what I can tell, most users use it mainly as a streaming device. Hopefully with that in mind, Nvidia sells a cheaper “streaming” edition.

    I’ve long through they should replace the gamepad with a controller, reduce the specs to 2gb/8gb, and sell it as a much lower price.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I agree. The middle ground between streaming box and true gaming console that the current Shield TV occupies is too niche of a market. I think they’ll do a better job reducing specs and price, like you said. Heck, I may even pick one up to cover it more frequently and in depth if they do it.

  2. Matt says:

    Personally i hope this is a cheaper box based on the same hardware as this would hopfully have a knock on effect of getting a larger install base and therefore focus for AndroidTV not only from developers but also Google.

    On Nvidias side gettting the streaming side in better order is key, like say getting on Amazons good side and have prime video as an offical app rather than having to sideload it or even work with the KODI team.

  3. Gdroid666 says:

    well there were patents filed a while ago for a device rumored to be the successor to the shield tablet but no such device has materialized yet

    NVIDIA seems to be focusing all their attention on the self driving car meme , an endeavor that is doomed to fail IMO

    i guess if there is a new shield TV it will be using the new tegra X2
    so maybe they plan an skipping an x1 shield tablet and just going to an X2?
    but people doubted that even an X1 and battery to drive it for a decent time could fit in a 7″ shield tablet
    but now people are speculating that nintendo NX will be tegra X2 based and portable
    will be interesting to see if NVIDIA does implement their X2 in something other than P2 car computers like the shiled TV or tablet

  4. Jason says:

    I love the remote, but I just hope they improve the microphone on the new one. I’ve had to replace one already because it’s terrible at recognizing speech. The game controller nails it every time.

    Also I just learned that you can double tap the volume slider to pause/resume (YouTube, Plex, etc). :)

  5. NashGuy says:

    Hmm, a new Nvidia Shield TV would be a welcome development! I wonder whether it will be a less expensive, more streaming/less gaming focused addition to their line-up, slotting in below the existing Shield TV, or if it will simply be an update to the current Shield TV, even more powerful and priced the same. Keep in mind that the new Android TV-powered Mi Box from Xiaomi will hit the market in the next month or so and will be a direct competitor to the 2nd gen Fire TV box (UHD HDR video, voice remote) and probably priced about the same, $99 or a little less.

  6. James says:

    I love my shield box but the remote is God awful and horribly designed. I’m really hoping this fixes the problems and I can get a replacement. The touch controlled volume slider is clumsy and stupid, and battery life is terrible. I could also take a power button that controls the TV, but I know that’s too much to hope for. A side mounted volume rocker perhaps??

    • Jason says:

      Settings > HDMI > HDMI-CEC and set to Auto Turn On TV.

      • Keith Dunn says:

        As long as they ditch the horrible touch volume control. Its a major pain in the but. Also if they give the new gamepad a better d-pad for retro gaming I would get one in a heartbeat. :)

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