New minor software updates rolling out to Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 and Fire TV Edition televisions

Amazon has released a couple new minor software updates to Fire TV devices. It seems as though these updates are only rolling out to the 2nd-generation Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV Edition televisions. The Fire TV Stick 2 appears to be receiving version (Build 574263320). This is the same version number that is already on the device, but with a slightly different build number which ends in 3320 instead of 3220. The Fire TV Edition televisions are receiving an update to version (Build 577225520). Again, this is the same version number that is already on those devices, but with a different build number that now ends in 5520 instead of 4220.

Amazon has not published any information about these updates, so there’s no sure way to know what changes they make. Usually, when the version number stays the same and the build number changes by one digit, like with these two new updates, it means the previous software update introduced a new bug that is now being corrected.

Most likely, the main purpose of last few software updates has been to add background components necessary for external Alexa devices to control the Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition televisions. Now that the feature has been officially launched, new bugs have probably emerged that are being fixed with these two latest software updates.

  1. King Nothing says:

    The Amazon Fire TV updates page now lists three different versions/build numbers for the 2nd Gen stick:

    “Latest Software Version: Fire OS (573210720), Fire OS (574263220), or Fire OS (574263320) (All versions are current and have the same features.)”

    I wonder how this makes sense… Why should some sticks recieve the update and others not? And why will some get the build number ending with 220 and others with 320? Do not all sticks share the same hardware?

  2. Snapshot says:

    My Fire stick 2 still running (573210720), installed on 6/30. No updates for me. Wonder why?

  3. Micky T says:

    Still stuttering on 1080 for me. Thought the would of fixed that

  4. max says:

    Have done a up date to latest software and bbc iplayer and all4 will not load up any more have tried uninstall and reinstall still no good

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