New menu order on Fire TV interface redesign improves app access

There is a small, but significant, difference between the screenshots of the new Fire TV interface that Amazon originally shared in September (left image above) and the ones that they shared today (right image above). The “Library” tab in the navigation menu has been moved to between the profile icon and the Home tab. This change reduces the number of button presses it takes to get to your apps from 4 to 3, which now matches the current Fire TV interface.

When the new Fire TV interface was first revealed, I and others pointed out that it looked like it would take more button presses to get to your apps on the new interface than it does today. It seems like Amazon noticed the feedback because the new order of the navigation menu shown in these latest screenshots has moved the Home tab, which we can safely assume is the default tab, one position closer to the app row.

If the app you want to access is the first one in the current interface’s “Recent” row, then that’s still quicker to get to, at only 2 button presses. We don’t yet know if the new Fire TV interface has a “Recent” row. While I’m not a fan of how small the app icons are in the new interface, it does have the advantage of showing 6 icons at once instead of 5, as the current interface does. Regardless of whether you prefer more small icons or fewer large icons, at least the list of apps is no longer an extra button press away.

  1. billy says:

    What’s the software release version?

  2. Kai Davis says:

    Is this for Fire Stick too

  3. TechyChris says:

    I assume the smaller icons would be more of an issue for smaller screens like 32″ and under? My tv’s are all between 50″-65″ and all things being equal the icons are plenty large now. Looks like about a 5% reduction in size? (I didn’t do the exact math.)

  4. Daryl Kinton says:

    How will this affect Fire TV models?

  5. Tom Wooden says:

    just when you learn something thats works very well, then someone thinks it needs to be changed,why? It works fine the way they are. Get a android box or stick and put on your screen what YOU want and not what THEY want. works for me,and very well. Amazon,FB,Instagram,google. Yuck already.

  6. tar81 says:

    mine states update to 5.0 nothing

  7. Jim west says:

    Now it takes much longer for any menu to open as it has to also open several upcoming scenes. And several icons open shows different than expected. I don’t like the new version March 2022

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