New MarketCast app brings stock market prices to the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick


It seems like a staple of any connected device these days is the ability to report the weather and stock market prices. While the Fire TV has plenty of weather apps, there haven’t been any stock market apps, that is, until now. MarketCast just arrived in the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick appstore to fulfill your real-time stock price needs. It’s a simple app that has you search for a stock which you can then add to one of three home screen rows. You don’t have to know the exact stock symbol, since the search does a decent job of figuring out which stock you want by company name. One nice touch is it displays the each stock’s current price on the search screen, so you don’t have to actually add a stock to your portfolio to quickly see the price. The app uses Amazon’s integrated login system to store your saved portfolio in the cloud so you can call it up on any Fire TV you own without having to reconfigure the app each time.

MarketCast updates stock prices every minute and also displays the current day’s dollar and percentage change. Selecting to see a stock’s info in full screen doesn’t really reveal any additional information, so you’ll basically just be sticking to the home screen. It would have been nice to see a graph of the stock’s historical price, but perhaps that will be added in a future update. The app is supposed to also show related stocks when selecting to see a stock’s details, but it didn’t seem to be working when I tried the app. The app is available for free for all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models.

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