New inexpensive Fire TV Cube wall mount gives you several positioning options

The company that created several interesting Amazon Echo Dot mounting solutions has released their first Fire TV product and it’s a wall mount for the Amazon Fire TV Cube. The new Fire TV Cube Wall Mount by Dot Genie is a minimalistic mount that still manages to give you 3 different options for positioning the Fire TV Cube. Placed on its front face, the device’s cables route out of the top. This is ideal for mounting the cube below a wall mounted TV, so that the cables are hidden behind the TV. It also allows for easy access to the to the Alexa buttons while keeping the LED light bar visible.

An opening in the back bottom of the mount allows for cables to be run down under the mount, if that better fits your installation needs. Lastly, a small notch on either side of the mount allows for cables to be routed out from either side with the Fire TV Cube sitting on its side.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Fire TV Cube has 6 IR LEDs inside that point out in all directions so that it can control your home theater equipment. With the Fire TV positioned on its front or side, up to 2 of those 6 LEDs will be obstructed by the base of the mount. It shouldn’t cause any issues for most people, but if it does, you may need to use the included external IR emitter that comes with the Fire TV Cube.

The Fire TV Cube Wall Mount by Dot Genie is available for $10.99 through Amazon, making it the least expensive mount that Amazon sells. It mounts to your wall via two screw holes on the back of the mount. A pair of screws and drywall anchors, which self-drill themselves into drywall so there’s no need to use a drill, come included with the mount.

  1. David Gelkin says:

    Seriously? Is this really needed? Anything to make an extra buck

  2. beq says:

    Looks good actually for those who usually like to mount behind the TV (for rooms that need a clean appearance without stacks of AV equipment).

    Thing is, I was already planning to replace our Cubes with the new 4K Sticks?

  3. Li says:

    This will waste your useless ir blaster

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