New GameTree TV app combines 13 games in 1 app with new games added monthly


TransGaming has been regularly releasing games for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick over the past few months. Now they’ve released GameTree TV which combines 13 of their games together into one convinient app. Even though all of TransGaming’s individual games are not free, the GameTree app itself, along with all games within it, are completely free right now with no in-app purchases. The included games are: Amazons Pyramid, Bubble Jam, Chainz, Darts, Mah Jongg, Moodies, Sahara Classic Solitaire, Slingo Classic, Space Moodies, Super Collapse 2, and Word Poker Tour (WPT). The app’s description says new games will be added every month. The game Gem Cracker is currently listed within the app as coming soon. GameTree TV is compatible with all Fire TV models and all games within it can be played with either a remote or game controller.

gametree-main-menu-1 gametree-chainz gametree-sahara-classic-solitare gametree-world-poker-tour-wpt gametree-darts gametree-bubble-jam gametree-mahjongg gametree-amazons-pyramid gametree-slingo-classic gametree-space-moodies gametree-moodies gametree-super-collapse-2-ii gametree-gem-cracker-coming-soon gamtree-language-menu

  1. Michael Littlefield says:


  2. Dave Epperson says:

    Dear gametreefreetv. I was wondering if you could put homerun baseball to your lineup of games on vizio TV internet. Thank you. Sincerely Dave Epperson

  3. kim meek says:

    my puppy rescue on my tv is not working, and I was also wondering if you could put some seek and find games on there plus more of those games of where you have to move things to get things to the exit door

  4. Debbie says:

    I used to have Rummikub and now it has disappeared. Yet it is being advertised at the bottom of the screen why has it gone and how dobit get it back.

  5. Vera Moore says:

    I downloaded this app today, but ever since using it for one short game, the audio on regular tv went missing!! Now I’m trying to figure out how to uninstall.

  6. logan says:

    put Minecraft or pacman plz

  7. Pam Schneider says:

    Your Sahara Classic Solitaire is coded wrong. The player never wins. Also the no more moves switch has only worked a handful of times. I have your games on my Comcast account. I have sent an email to you with no reply. Please code it right or take it down. Thank you

  8. Chad Dunningham says:

    Infinite truck is Ok, but could you guys possibly add a platformer of some kind? Crossy road also lags the crap out of my tv. Thanks.

  9. Patrick J O'Reilly says:

    To many faults. Games freeze,continuous ad pop ups.suks

  10. Vickie Slater says:

    I’ve had Game Tree on Vewd App Store for TiVo for years and tonight I see it’s currently unavailable. Please tell me this is a temporary situation, or how I might install for TiVo again?

  11. Vickie Slater says:

    Transgaming was awesome on the Vewd app for TiVo. Since Gametree came on board, the Moodies game does not function right. The music cuts out. And, most important, using the TiVo remote, shots are delayed. Curious if this is happening on other devices. Also, when quitting game, the screen blacks out and does not return to Vewd Home Screen. Hoping someone can you look in to the problem.

    • Vickie Slater says:

      I meant to say, since “Play.Works” replaced Gametree (transgaming), the game no longer functions properly.

  12. I have Bubble Jam on my Roku. It took an update now audio is gone. How can I fix it?

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