New Firestick and Fire TV Smart TV software update appears to resume new interface rollout

About a month ago, the new Fire TV interface began rolling out to 2nd-gen Fire TV Sticks and to Fire TV Smart TVs for the first time. Those were the last two device groups to get the new interface but many with those devices have still not received the update, which indicates that the update was likely halted due to an issue. It now seems like the rollout of the new interface to those devices has resumed again since a pair of new software versions have popped up.

For the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick, the new interface began rolling out in July with software version and build number 668700120. Many devices have yet to receive that update, but now there seems to be a new software version making the rounds. The new version carries the same version number of but with a new build number of 668700420, which differs from the original build by one digit.

Similarly, Toshiba and Insignia Fire TV Smart TVs from 2018 thru 2020, which run Fire OS 6, began receiving the new interface in July with software update version and build number NS6282/3031. Now, a new update is rolling out to those devices with the same version number but with the new build number of NS6282/3032.

As I’ve written in the past, when the version number stays the same between updates and only the build number changes, that is usually an indication that the original update was halted due to an issue discovered after the original update began rolling out. Since there are still Firesticks and Fire TV Smart TVs that haven’t received the new interface yet and both devices just started to receive new updates that only change the build number, it’s probably safe to say that there was an issue with the initial rollout of the new interface to those devices.

For those of you still waiting for the new interface, hopefully, this means you won’t have to wait much longer. As a reminder, there is no way to force your device to update, but you can check for updates to see if its your device’s turn to update.

  1. Rik Emmett says:

    Does this mean that the 2nd gen sticks and the smart TVs that received the update are in a degraded state?

    • If the rollout was actually halted, there’s no way to know why. It could be due to something obvious to customers breaking (e.g., video won’t play), it could be something on the backend breaking that no customer would ever notice (e.g., logs aren’t being recorded correctly), or anything in between. So there’s no way to know if the device is degraded unless you or someone specifically notices that something isn’t working right.

      • Vince says:

        My firestick has updated and now Peacock TV won’t play. I’m in the UK using a VPN. Any ideas? It works on a PC in same household so has to be firestick related.

      • Pradeep says:

        My Fire Tv Stick is on (664657620). If I get the next update will it be the very new version (668700420) or (668694820).

        Kindly reply

  2. Rey Brun says:

    In Argentina my 2nd-gen Firestick is rolling (664657620).

  3. pete says:

    Nope, no update yet for 2nd gen firetv stick.

    Still stuck at

  4. All4dom says:

    Finally got the update. Not bad but not enough to make me want to replace my roku’s.

  5. Linda Hester says:

    We lost our “ON NOW” row on the Home Screen. Before the update, we went to ON NOW and chose an antenna channel. To change the channel, all we had to do was push down and the channel choices appeared and we could scroll and pick one. Now, from the Home Screen we must go to settings, choose input, then the guide, then choose a channel. To change channels, we have to go to the guide and scroll through channels. This is very hard for my not at all tech savvy husband!

  6. Nate says:

    I have an element five tv. Still no update. This is the dumbest rollout I’ve ever seen.

  7. cassandra Pusateri says:

    I just got the update and HATE it!!! My apps and channels aren’t visible almost everyone. I have to talk into my remote to pull up anything.. things are freezing up all the time and my Disney + app won’t work at all and I just purchased it … how can I go back !

  8. Lou says:

    Latest update rendered my Sling and Pluto apps unable to launch. They both just sit and buffer. Taking the tv to default does not help and updating takes forever. Very good signal strength and get 65 mbps on my iphone wifi. (Wifi router is 10 ft from modem; direct site). 15 minutes after restart, main banner is still not displaying als it should. Philo app works as does live tv
    I find it peculiar that it is not working right before the holidays. Makes it easier to sell NEW tvs when the latest update brings the tv to its knees.

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