New Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks are usually announced in September and released in October

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that one of the most common questions I’m asked is when the next Fire TV, Firestick, or Fire TV Cube will be released. While I can’t answer that question explicitly, a look back at when all of the existing Fire TV models were announced and released will tell you a lot about when to expect new models. As you can see in the image above, the majority of Fire TV devices were announced in September and most of those were released in October.

Fire TV 1 (2014)April 2April 12
Fire TV 2 (2015)September 17October 5
Fire TV 3 (2017)September 27October 25
Fire TV Cube 1 (2018)June 7June 21
Fire TV Cube 2 (2019)September 4October 10
Fire TV Stick 1 (2014)October 27November 19
Fire TV Stick 2 (2016)September 28October 20
Fire TV Stick 3 & Lite (2020)September 24September 30
Fire TV Stick 4K (2018)October 3October 31

Most new tech products try to hit stores and virtual shelves by November to take full advantage of the holiday gift shopping that takes place in November and December. That’s why we see new Fire TV announcements and releases clumped up around September and October. The first Fire TV is an exception to this because it was announced in early April 2014 and shipped about a week later. I’m guessing that the team developing it was shooting to be done by the 2013 holidays but got delayed, given that it was an all-new product for Amazon.

The other exception is the 1st-generation Fire TV Cube, which was announced and released mid-year in June of 2018. When I leaked the first Fire TV Cube in September of 2017, along with the 3rd-generation Fire TV pendant, I was told by my sources that Amazon was still hoping to release it in time for the 2017 holidays. That didn’t happen and it got pushed into 2018. All other main Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Cube models for the US have been announced in September or October. Other countries do see new Fire TV models announced for their regions throughout the year, but when a new model debuts for the first time, it’s almost always in September/October.

So, if you’re wondering when the 4th-gen Fire TV, the 4th-gen Fire TV Stick, the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick 4K, or the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube will be released, chances are very good it will happen in September/October. As for which year that will happen for each form factor, you can take a look at my Amazon Device Buyer’s Guide where I list how many days each model and generation has been on sale. That’ll help you determine if we’re due for a new model of each type and which one is most likely to come next.

  1. 666 says:

    4th gen Fire TV!? Well, that’s something to look forward to…

  2. Darla J Patterson says:

    Fire tv sticks didnt work or only partially worked on all our tvs. The ones even with partial were fun to have though.

  3. William Hogan says:

    Important question, I’ve talked to Amazon for weeks.. When I play music on home theater or multi room music on Alexa app: the first song plays perfect the 2nd of always off at least one full second… If I restart that song or skip it, it plays perfect again.. But then the next song is it of sync, as well as every song after that..I believe it started after the new interface update..b4 that my music was fine.. I’ve exchanged my fire sticks, my echos, uninstalled the app . Factory reset the new sticks and echos, changed internet companies.. Done everything… Does anyone have any technical suggestions, maybe something I overlooked.. I’m losing my mind

  4. Karen Wendorf says:

    Why can’t I see All Discovery Plus content with my firestick? If I purchased a newer version would it fix the problem? I have an LG TV with an incompatible operating system to stream directly.


    So are you saying my old firestick want work Anymore and if so are you saying I have to buy another one ??

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