New Fire TV remote app buttons can be remapped with my Remapper app

My own order of the new Fire TV remote with app buttons has, unfortunately, been delayed so I haven’t been able to test things out myself yet, but several of you have already told me that my Remapper app does work to remap the app buttons on the new remote. That certainly makes the new remote a more compelling purchase since it means you can customize which apps get opened when you press one of its app buttons.

The same restrictions for my Remapper apps exist for the new Fire TV remote as they did when I introduced the apps for Fire TV Edition television remotes. That is, you cannot remap an app button for an app that comes pre-installed on your Fire TV. That means Prime Video and Amazon Music app buttons cannot be remapped, but all other app buttons are fair game. As a reminder, because of the way my Remapper apps work, the app for the app button that you want to remap cannot be installed on your Fire TV. So if you only occasionally use Netflix, for example, but want the Netflix app button remapped, you have to decide between keeping Netflix installed or remapping the button.

I’ve updated my guide for installing and configuring Remapper to be relevant to the new remote. I’ve also added a Remapper for Disney+, since that app button didn’t exist on the Fire TV Edition remotes when I first created Remapper. As always, please leave detailed comments if you have any issues with Remapper since I’m unable to test it on every combination of Fire TV remote, device, and app button.

  1. TechyChris says:

    Elias, I hope you don’t get any pushback from Amazon on this. I imagine the companies that have their button prominently displayed on the remote would not take kindly to having them overwritten. I mean there must be advertising dollars invested. In a way this is somewhat akin to installing a secondary launcher to bypass the adverts on the Amazon home screen. Just my take, no worries!

    • Yeah, it’s possible. Time will tell. I’m hoping Amazon lets this slide because:

      1. Android TV/Google TV/Chromecast allow ALL buttons to be remapped, even the Home button and Google app buttons.
      2. You still can’t remap Amazon apps.
      3. You must have already committed to not installing the button’s app at all in order to remap the button, meaning the button is otherwise useless to the customer.
  2. JFC says:

    Who’s gonna print up and sell the little oblong button stickers to paste over the remote buttons that you want to change the mapping for? :-)

  3. Sourav Giri says:

    I’m earlier using remapper for netflix on my firetv stick. Now I want to use remapper for netflix again. But, when I try to install it it always show to update app and does not permit me to install it again but when i go to my apps there is no app is already installed having name remapper

  4. J says:

    Any chance of a Plex remapper please? :)

  5. Manoj Mathew says:

    Netflix button has stopped working for remap today. Any update? Not a hardware button issue. Tried reinstalling netflix, then uninstalling it, reinstalling remapper. Still no go.

  6. Bill says:

    Any chance of getting acorn tv, britbox and pbs masterpiece added to the list of apps that can be assigned to a button?

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