New Fire TV keyboard attaches to Voice Remote


The great Fire TV community over on reddit have uncovered this unique new mini keyboard that attaches to the back side of the Amazon Fire TV’s Voice Remote. The iPazzPort KP-810-30K mini keyboard connects to the Fire TV via a USB dongle, not bluetooth, so it will not work with the Fire TV Stick. A silicone case houses both the keyboard and remote , and combines the two into one unit. A power switch on the keyboards side allows you to turn the keyboard off to prevent accidental keypresses.

The company sells a nearly identical keyboard, the iPazzPort KP-810-30, which also functions as an air mouse and has additional buttons on the device’s opposite side. It’s unclear whether the two keyboards are identical or if the Fire TV version omits the extra buttons and functionality. Reddit user slashing164 who first posted about the keyboard says he’ll be buying it and writing a review. I’ll be sure to update this post with a link to his review when he does.

  1. Ddeceive says:

    Cool! I want it!

  2. Gareth says:

    I have this combination, ordered through but shipped direct from China. The silicone case is too big for the Fire TV remote and it falls out. The keyboard works fine, in my case with it’s dongle plugged into a USB port (Amazon’s Basics Range). It is small but usable IN GOOD LIGHT, however if you have the lights dimmed, or it is a typical dull dark UK winters day the lettering in the keyboard does not stand out, and the blue text is impossible to see (my 63 year old eyes might not be helping either!). In it’s favour the directional keys work fine in navigating around the Fire TV interface, and it works with no problem with XBMC. As with all these size of keyboards those with large hands will struggle

  3. jimberkas says:

    looks like hot garbage. its an alright sort of concept, but that’s about it. I’ll wait til something better comes along, and it will. for now, i don’t need a keyboard and if I did, the app would work just fine

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