New Fire TV Interface update begins rolling out today to more devices

Amazon has announced that the software update which brings the new Fire TV interface will begin rolling out to more devices starting today. The Fire TV Stick 4K, both 1st and 2ng-gen Fire TV Cubes, and the 3rd-gen Fire TV pendant are the models that will be getting the interface update over the next few days.

As with all of Amazon’s software updates, this interface update is expected to roll out slowly, so while some devices will receive it today, it likely will not be available to everyone all at once. There is no way to manually install the update or jump the line, but you can go to Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for Updates to manually see if it is your device’s turn to update.

The Fire TV Stick Lite and the 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick already have the new interface. The 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick and all Fire TV Edition devices will be getting the new interface later this year, but we don’t know when exactly that will be. Amazon has already stated that the 1st-gen Fire TV and the 1st-gen Fire TV Stick will not be receiving the new interface.

That just leaves the 2nd-gen Fire TV. It wasn’t explicitly listed last year by Amazon as one of the devices that are not getting the new interface, so I assumed it would be getting it at some point. Amazon’s announcement doesn’t mention the 2nd-gen Fire TV as one of the devices getting the new interface later this year, so it’s unclear at this time if they simply forgot to include it in the announcement or if it won’t be getting the new interface at all, like the 1st-gen devices. I’ve reached out to Amazon for clarification and will update this article when I hear back from them.


Unfortunately, Amazon has informed me that the 2nd-gen Fire TV will not be receivng the new interface.

  1. BobD says:

    Thank you for your updates!!

  2. ben says:

    thought i was getting it cause there was an update but it was way to fast for a big one like this. are those just bug fix updates when it updates like in a few seconds and i notice no changes?

  3. RG Geiger says:

    That’s encouraging! I did have an update today but it wasn’t the new UI

  4. Dominick says:

    I am getting tired of waiting for my Toshiba firetv to be updated. I have always hated the current u.i & have been thinking about just getting a new tv but held out hope the update would arrive soon. If it takes any longer I am thinking of getting a vizio or samsung tv. I have mostly roku’s in my home & love the interface but would like to try something different. I know amazon is being careful but this is taking way to long.

  5. Kev says:

    Plugged in my fire stick gen one for fun. It was not fun. That thing is so slow it’s unusable

    • JohnM says:

      Im sure Amazon deliberately slowed it down further in an update to encourage new sales.

      • Mark says:

        I’m using Gen 1 FTV box and its speed has never wavered. The 1st gen stick has ALWAYS been slow and somewhat glitchy…at least mine was. I have it as a ‘just in case it is needed’ in my filing cabinet drawer.

  6. Ben Moxham says:

    I received the update on my 4K stick today.

    While the new UI is a welcome addition, the fact that child profiles can’t be applied to the 4K sticks (yet) is very disappointing. They shouldn’t roll out an update without all features being applied.

    When speaking to support they informed me that child profiles can only be applied to the 2020 Sticks (Regular and Lite)…

  7. Rik Emmett says:

    I installed updates on my 3rd gen pendant and 2nd gen box today, but the interface remains the same.

  8. Juan C Figueroa says:

    No update for Gen 2d? i feel bad now.

  9. KraziJoe says:

    Not yet for me, Cube 2…Disappointed.

  10. Don says:

    Are they updating the operating systems as well?

  11. JFC says:

    AFAIK and I believe what Elias has previously reported, the coming UI updates are just that, UI only, and NOT updating the OS major versions from 5 to 6 or later. OS5 devices remain stuck with OS5.

  12. Christian says:

    Not yet, 4k stick be

  13. Jeff Calhoun says:

    My 4K stick says it is up to date. Clearly, it is not.

  14. KraziJoe says:

    Still no update on my Cube2

  15. Phillip Overcash says:

    My 1st Gen Fire TV Cube still hasn’t got the update.

  16. Mark Connelly says:

    Still nothing on the FTV 3 Pendants have…

  17. Mark Connelly says:

    However, my Fire HD10 tablet received an update for the UI a couple of days ago.

  18. KraziJoe says:

    Received 3 minor updates the past week, but not THE update on any of my Fire Devices. 1-Cube2, 2-4K Sticks.

    • jtv says:

      Same, a bunch of small updates over the last week but no changes to interface on my cube (gen2) or 4K sticks at the time of this post.

  19. HG says:

    I received a second interface update on my fire stick lite today. They took away the Library section, I have no idea why. It took me quite a while to locate the library as one of the options under Find. This is the only way I’ve found to get to my fire recast content.

    This latest update also did nothing to fix the bugs in the recast playback interface that the last update introduced.

    I assume that is a bad sign for the future of the recast. It’s now at least 5 clicks to get to my recordings from the home screen, much more complicated than on my 4K stick, which is still on the original interface. I’m trying to keep that one from getting the update for as long as possible, but I know it’s inevitable. I wish the changes improved things, but for me, at least, every update is a clear downgrade in functionality.

  20. Carmen Casellas says:

    I tried to get my update on FS4K but got this message :

    USB Power Warning
    USB power may not be sufficient for a system update.
    We recommend using the included USB cable and Amazon power adapter for best results.

    What do I do now???

    • Rik Emmett says:

      If you’ve got the power cable for the stick plugged into the USB port of your TV, you need to use the power supply that came with your device instead, because the TV USB port does not have enough wattage to to run the update which needs more power. You’re lucky the update did not start, because if you turned off your TV in the middle of an update, it would turn off the power to the TV USB port and the update would have failed and possibly bricked your device.

  21. Billy Norton says:

    No UI update yet

  22. Patrick Kelly says:

    No Ui update on my 4k

  23. KraziJoe says:

    I got it yesterday on my Cube2. I am ambivalent towards it as I am increasingly looking at my Apple TV as it has Spectrum and Peacock and is much cleaner and integrated. That damn remote though…

    • clocks says:

      I got the new GUI on a device last night. Not a fan so far. I don’t like that my apps are smaller. I don’t like that my recents are buried several rows down, when they should be on top to easily access. The new GUI is more slick looking, but a downgrade in terms of usability. The GUI is part of why I have stayed with FTV for the past few years. I may give Youtube TV another look.

  24. Billy Norton says:

    Still no UI update.

  25. Billy Norton says:

    Still no UI update

  26. FireItUp says:

    I received the update today on my Fire TV Stick 4K (India).

    The firmware also updates the remote control so keep it close to the TV stick and do not press any buttons on remote when the update is in progress.

    The new interface may not be ‘good-looking’ but it sure is a bit faster. Apps open a bit faster and overall smooth experience.

    One thing I noticed is that now I have more storage space available!! Previously it was around 1.75 GB free but now it’s 2.50 GB free!!

    I guess Amazon made some smart changes to the internal apps and OS to free the storage space.

    Did anyone notice this change?

  27. Madeline says:

    After the update, it searches for my 4K remote. The remote lost some functionality, and now is useless. 2 separate remotes are not working no matter how many resets are performed.

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