New Fire TV & Fire TV Stick software updates expected this week

One month since the last Fire TV and Fire TV Stick software updates added the new X-Ray feature to both devices, it looks like both devices will be getting new updates later this week. The Fire TV should be receiving software version and the Fire TV Stick should get software version shortly. If you’re wondering why the version numbers jumped from x.x.x.0, which we currently have, to x.x.x.3, it’s likely to re-sync Amazon’s internal version numbering with the version numbers we’ve been seeing publicly. Even though the last 3 Fire TV software updates were labeled, internally at Amazon they were labeled,, and

I’ve reached out to my sources at Amazon on what’s included with these updates, but haven’t heard back from them. Keep it locked to AFTVnews for a full overview of what these updates bring in the near future.

  1. porkie says:

    Maybe they will be jumping up to android 4.4. That would be great, cause more and more apps are becoming uncompatible with the Fire TV. To me if the new update doesn’t at least give us Android 4.4 then I feel no matter what fuction(s) they add, it will be a fail in my opinion. They gave us native USB support, so moving up to Android 4.4 is the only other huge thing they can give us.

  2. ians325 says:

    Proberly move launch app to the top on sideload section

  3. Y314K says:

    Just when I had decided to finally update all my FireTV’s to latest Pre-Rooted… Guess I can just wait for this update too… Thanks for the heads up…

    Any chance of a installtion/setup guide for the Fire TV skin for Kodi. To get a better understanding of it ?

    • ac says:

      As far as I know the main recommendation is to update KODI to the latest v15 beta. As long as you’re not using PVR, it doesn’t seem like there are any other barriers.

  4. mGuest says:

    Native DLNA/UPNP support is top on my wishlist.

  5. ram says:

    The latest pre-rooted firmware broke alt-tab functionality on my fire tv. Does Alt-Tab still work for you guys?

    Can I go back to old firmware without breaking the fuses if I want to get the alt-tab back?

  6. Justin says:

    I’m hoping for a favorites section and apps and games separated into their own areas. I have a lot of apps and going through games when I’m trying to use a video app is annoying. Also, if apps are losing compatibility like porky said then I do hope they update the android version.

    • porkie says:

      Apps are losing compatability faster than I have ever seen on Android devices. Even a lot of the popular apps that usually work on most devices only work on Android 4.4+. I think its because Android is making advances in software and there are things that Android 4.4 can do that 4.2 can’t do, so some apps need 4.4+ to run. If this update is not at least 4.4, then its useless.

  7. jason says:

    Cant believe they are still using 4.2 all the other boxes on the market that run kodi have been 4.4.2 for some time. And most even ones released not long after the fire tv came with 4.4

  8. Rfs says:

    Just received update. .. I cant fund anythi g different…

  9. Hitcher says:

    Nothing seems new in the GUI at least.

  10. James says:

    I just checked my Fire TV box for the update and noticed my version number was already It updated on 8th May.
    Haven’t noticed any difference in the last week or so.

  11. mirewa says:

    I’m just getting the new version. Will check what has changed later today :-)

  12. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    As Jason already said, I also Cant believe they are still using 4.2 when all the other Android Boxes on the market that run kodi, have already 4.4.2 and Kitkat 4.4.4.

    Same was happening to the Amazon Fire Phones, that was stuck on the FireOS v3.6.8 based on Jellybean, but fortunatelly last month Amazon has updated it to the NEW FireOS v4.6.1 “Sangria” Based on KitKat…

    I really hope that Amazon understand that, as the Fire Phone, the FireTV urgently needs at least the KitKat, to be more compatible with all the newest APPs for Android.

  13. James says:

    People saying apps are not working/compatible, are you talking about the apps that Amazon has available through their app store?

    • porkie says:

      No. We are talking about apps in general. There are several apps that require you to be running Android 4.4 or you cannot even install them. As time goes by, more and more apps will join th list of apps we cannot install bcause they require Android 4.4.

      • Bob says:

        As you have said yourself that Amazon would be “stupid” to allow competition onto their devices, perhaps they are holding out just so people can’t install the Google products like Android TV Launcher.

        • James says:

          Exactly. It’s Amazon’s device which is meant for Amazon apps. It doesn’t matter what version of Android is installed, as long as their apps work.

    • Ulises Rodriguez says:

      I am talking about all the android apps, Sideloaded or not to the FireTV, that are only working with KitKat, and that are available through the Google Play Store or the Amazon APP Store…

      As I said before, same was happening with the Amazon Fire Phone, that could not use Google+ until Amazon decided to update the FireOS to 4.6.1 “KITKAT”…

      There many others new APPs that require and only are working if you have at least KitKat.

  14. unknownsoldier says:

    Can’t find anything (noticeably) new or different after update installed today.

  15. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    I also just received the new update on my FireTV-Box and my FireTV-Stick, but Can’t find anything new or different.

    Anyone have noticed any changes or if there is something new?

  16. Rich says:

    Did they add Bluetooth audio to the first TV stick by chance?

  17. ponghclub says:

    After sw update the usb port not working anymore … mouse, keyboard, flash drive not detect. is it only happen to me?

    • ponghclub says:

      ko… i talk to amazon rep today he said fw update not broke usb port but will except the return i have 4 months left on warranty. what do you think should i return or wait for update to fix this bug?

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