New Fire TV Cube software update adds additional equipment control options and more

A new software update is rolling out to the Amazon Fire TV Cube. The update carries the new version number and build number NS6222/1536. This software update includes bug fixes, but also includes additional advanced equipment control options that let you decide what is done when you ask Alexa to turn on the TV.

With this update, Amazon has added a new option in the advanced equipment control settings called “Power On Input.” The new option is found under Settings > Equipment Control > Manage Equipment > Advanced Settings. This option allows you to select if the Fire TV Cube changes the input of your TV when you ask for the TV to be turned on.

By default, the Fire TV Cube will always switch the TV to the input that the Fire TV Cube is on when you say “Alexa, turn on the TV.” If you change the new “Power On Input” setting to be “TV Default” instead of “Fire TV Cube,” then saying “Alexa, turn on the TV” will turn on your equipment but will not change the currently selected input.

This, essentially, changes the “turn on TV” voice command to be more literal. While most people probably want to use their Fire TV Cube when they ask the Cube to turn the TV on, those who don’t can now set it so the “turn on TV” voice command only controls the power state, without switching inputs. Saying “Alexa, go home” will, at any point, cause the Fire TV Cube to switch inputs to the Cube and display the home screen. Additionally, saying “Alexa, turn off the TV” will no pause the video, if one is playing, and return to the Fire TV Home screen.

Amazon’s Fire TV Software Update Page also mentions the AV Receiver power control options under the list of features for this update, however, that option was already present in the previous software version. This option allows you to select whether you want the Fire TV Cube to also turn on/off your AV Receiver or Soundbar when you ask for the TV to be turned on or off. Amazon might be pointing out this already present option because its behavior has been improved.

Another new addition with this latest Fire TV Cube software update is a new option for Alexa Hints in the screensaver settings. This option, which is on by default, will suggest things you can try doing with Alexa by displaying text in the lower left corner of your screen when the screensaver is active.

Update>It seems as though the Screensaver update was pushed independently from this system update, so the Alexa Hints option may be present on software versions prior to this update.

The last change that I’ve noticed with this new software update is that Amazon has renamed the “Device” settings menu to now be called “My Fire TV.” Only the name has been changed, as all the options within this menu item are still the same. If you notice any additional changes or fixes, please be sure to let everyone know about them in the comments below

  1. BobR says:

    The update somehow crashed my home network. I finally isolated the problem to the Cube and pulled it off line, and then factory reset it (again). Upon doing so, I noticed that when redoing the equipment control it recognized that I had a Frontier FIOS skill for the cable box and asked if the current cable box was connected to the skill.
    I tried it this way but lost the basic cable control functionality so I went back to the prior set up. Maybe I’ll try again later.
    This was the first time I saw this. I previously tried to add the skill weeks ago, but when I asked Alexa to change channels it asked me which method to use (Cable or Frontier). So I disabled the skill at that point. Maybe someone else can find a skill that improves operation of the cube.

  2. Dave says:

    The Alexa hints during the screensaver option has been there since day one.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Thanks for the info. It’s not on one of my Cube’s running, so If figured it was part of this update. If you had it prior, then it was probably pushed as a system app update at some point, but my unit never received it. The screensaver is part of the Prime Photos app, so it’s something that could be updated independently.

  3. Matthew Candelaria says:

    Any word on when the tv cube will be able to be added to groups in Alexa app smart home

  4. Remmel Kemp says:

    Alexa worked fine on the cube but the TV pictures were freezing, showing the fuzzy movement.
    I returned the cube same day.
    I believe the hardware is not at par with old fire TV.

  5. Natalie says:

    Any word on if/when we’ll be able to connect the Cube to our phones via bluetooth like we can with the Echo Dot?

  6. Gregg says:

    I have the latest update and I don’t see Alexa Hints in my options. Since the update, my PlayStation Vue app is playing considerably better. I had a stutter every 10-15 seconds until now.

  7. Matthew says:

    The latest update made Alexa unresponsive in Canada

    • Matthew says:

      Want to correct after looking at the logs
      Alexa rendered non responsive after changing the device names

      What is going on?

  8. John says:

    “While most people probably want to use their Fire TV Cube when they ask the Cube to turn the TV on….” You might want to be cautious about making such blanket assumptions regarding people’s behavior. It is equally possible that many people would want to use their cable box, or even a gaming system, when they ask the Cube to turn the TV on.

  9. NIck Hathaway says:

    The Power On Input is a super pleasant addition in our household. My wife uses our TV 90% of the time, and of that time, 90% is used for cable. So now she just has to say “Alexa, turn on the TV” and she gets where she needs to go. Thanks Amazon for making the change and thanks Elias for spotting it :)

  10. Michael says:

    What about when fire tv cube will be compatible with Optimum Cable? I’m surprised as they are a fairly large cable provider. I can switch to the cable input but can’t change channels or anything else.

  11. Jack Reed says:

    The cube was working just fine turning my epson projector on and off. Since the update I can now only pick one. Either tv on or tv off command. Both no longer work no more matter how I do the equipment set up. Has anyone been able to resolve this?

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