New Fire TV apps of the week — Mar. 25-31

This week there were 23 new apps and games released for the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition televisions. Bell customers in Canada will want to check out the new Bell Fibe TV app that gives streaming access to all of their cable networks. Stargate and SciFi fans should take a look at Gate Cast which lets you stream every Stargate TV series and movie for a one-time fee of just $20. There are a few other notable apps that were added on this very special day. Continue on for the full list of new apps and games released in the last 7 days.

As many of you have figured out in the comments below, several of the apps listed below are April Fools jokes and haven't actually arrived on the Fire TV.





  1. Nick Hathaway says:

    Haha you fooled me!

  2. Gary Hussey says:

    ha ha. Got me on Google Play Store!

  3. Richard says:

    Good one!

  4. Charlie says:

    Funny. I totally fell for it.

  5. Trololo says:

    i fell because of Kodi : (

  6. bombo says:

    So this post turned out to be a good joke? waoooo did not know that this page used to do this

  7. OG Charlie says:

    This joke made me realize that either Amazon or Nvidia needs to drive a dump truck full of money up to Epic and get them to port the mobile version to Fire TV or Shield.

  8. Randy says:

    You had me. Good One.

  9. TechyChris says:

    Funny, but seriously I have been using Google Chrome
    (android tv version) on my FTV’s for about a year.
    It functions “ok” Silk is now the better option.
    Chrome never really played well with the FTV remote and really required a mouse/keyboard to be fully functional.

  10. Joe says:

    Got me too… sigh.

  11. Charlie says:

    I want to know why the Silk browser does not exit directly out of Youtube. In fact, you have to eventually hit the home button your remote to get out of the browser. I find this odd and a deal breaker.

    • Nick Hathaway says:

      What do you mean? The Home button is how I exit out of any app. If you press “Back” enough times you can usually get out of YouTube, but this seems like a weird way to do it.

      • Charlie says:

        Take a look at any Youtube app and you click back until you choose exit. In the Silk browser you click back until nothing happens. You have to navigate your way back to the browser launch page and then you can’t click back out of it. Any app returns to home page by back clicking. Silk is an exception and it just seems odd they left it like that.

  12. Mike Blakeslee says:

    Haha haha got me good! Totally ran and got my wife to come look at what Google finally allowed Amazon to make available for their appstore. Good one Elias lol

  13. AFTVnews says:

    I’m glad everyone seems to have enjoyed the joke and wasn’t too heartbroken that it wasn’t true. :-)

  14. jmatteis says:

    Funny that this is an April fools joke, since any or all of these would make any Amazon TV user happy, obviously, since we clicked on it. Perhaps this would be an indicator of what you should focus on offering. Although I have been using Kodi for a while and it works well, as do some of the other apps listed.
    Not heartbroken that it wasn’t true, but honestly, disappointed that some of them are not true.
    If there is some sort of click counter to see which apps people clicked on most and then work on those offerings.

    • Soon2B EX-AMAZON FIRE TV OWNER says:

      good post jmatteis. I didnt find the joke funny at all! Maybe its time to move over to the Nvidia Shield!

  15. Charlie says:

    In an earlier post a forum member described all tech as good tech in referring to the 1st gen fireTV stick, after I was maybe less embracing of it as an ongoing device than he liked. I got curious and added it my list at Amazon and it came back in stock a few days ago, with a few on hand. I was very tempted to buy one just to play with, but didn’t. It’s interesting that they do come back in stock occasionally. There must still be a market for them. Who knows? I may yet one day give one a try.

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