New Fire TV already on Best Buy shelves, but you probably can’t buy one yet


AFTVnews readers Justin Brodack and Dave Zatz have contacted me to let us all know that some Best Buys have already placed the next generation Fire TVs on their shelves. Unfortunately, from personal experience, their point-of-sale system will likely prevent you from purchasing the new streaming box before its official October 5th release date. I tried buying one yesterday from Best Buy but couldn’t because the box wouldn’t ring up. You may be able to sweet talk your way into a manager override if you’re willing to try. Big thanks to Dave Zatz for providing me with the clearest shots of the new Fire TV box we’ve seen yet.

2ng-gen-fire-tv-box-front 2ng-gen-fire-tv-box-back 2ng-gen-fire-tv-box-side-1 2ng-gen-fire-tv-box-side-2 2ng-gen-fire-tv-box-on-shelf

  1. AFTVvintage says:

    AFTV Gen1 Packaging looks better and smarter.
    Gen1 Box graphic looks so much better.
    I don’t get it. Do you ?

    • Ace says:

      Meh as long as the stuff inside the box is good I don’t really care it seems brighter though. I’d really like to get a hold of one of these early any hints.

  2. GraceKl says:

    Can someone confirm the HDMI spec 1.4 or 2.0 ?

    Could you explain how to play HDR version of “Mozart In The Jungle” from Amazon store?

  3. Meyer says:

    Nice Photos,
    I like that you can also see the detailed Price Shield.
    WiFi Built in: Yes
    Remote: Yes
    Vocie Search: Yes
    Headphone Jack: NO (well thanks, but no thanks)

  4. Kevin says:

    I am glad Apple didn’t sue Amazon for copyright violation of using word “Engineered by”….

  5. Justin says:

    “Big thanks to Dave Zatz for providing me with the clearest shots of the new Fire TV box we’ve seen yet.”

    I laughed reading that knowing my shot wasn’t exactly very clear. Mine was the last one with the price shield.

    I wonder if best buy is going to carry the gaming bundle too.

  6. rockster says:

    I read somewhere that someone got New Fire tv from staples. As per him, some staples stores are already selling New Fire tv.

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