New Fire TV & Fire TV Stick software updates have been released

New software updates for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick have started making their way out to devices. As always, these updates are rolling out slowly to select devices first before they make their way out to all FIre TVs and Fire TV Sticks. The Fire TV is receiving software version, while the Fire TV Stick is receiving software version No word yet on what these software updates have in store. With any luck, they’ll fix the blank screen issue some users have been experiencing. We may also see the remaining Stagefright vulnerability patched. This update might be the one to unlock the upcoming shopping feature that first made an appearance in the software’s source code 4 updates ago, but has yet to be made available to customers. Hold tight for my update overview once I get a chance to dissect these new software versions.

  1. mGuest says:

    Underground for FireTV would be cool.

  2. Some One says:

    Damn…I can’t wait to see if this cures the HDCP issue! Just downgraded to last night.
    Have 3 rooted FireTV’s on 3 different TV’s and this issue only happens on 1 of the televisions. That same TV also tends to suffer from the FireTV tinny audio problems a couple times a week. So a reboot is required to get that cured. I still can’t pinpoint what exactly causes it but ad commercials on Hulu and YouTube make it happen the most but not limited to those.

    Did you capture the link for this update?

  3. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    Totally agree…

    Would be Great to finally have the new Underground APP for FireTV!

    May be Amazon decided to launch their Underground APP for Android first for testing purposes, but I really don’t understand what they are waiting to release the Underground APP, to all their own Fire Devices, like the Fire-Phone and Fire-TV!!

    I really hope that Amazon has been able to complete and test this application, and that has been included in this new update for Fire-TV.

  4. xnamkcor says:

    Any chance of you also covering Fire OS 5 updates?

    • AFTVnews says:

      I’ll definitely keep an eye on updates to the Developer Preview, but I’m not going to cover it in detail like I do the regular updates. By that I mean I’m not going to cover bug fixes or every small change. If something big changes with the Developer Preview, I’ll post about it.

  5. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    I have received these two latest and updates on my FireTV BOX, and FireTV Sticks…

    And I would like to confirm that Amazon finally has corrected all “Stagefright” vulnerabilities, as they did it already with the last Update for the Fire Phone the last week!

    However, apart from all the “Stagefright” corrections, I have not found nothing NEW…

    So would like to know if anyone that has already received the or the update, has found some improvements or anything New?

    • Jen says:

      I haven’t found anything new except for the fact that now it reads my network signal as fair and content is consistently buffering when before it read the signal as great. Super annoyed…

  6. Grinder says:

    Firestarter still works.

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