New Fire TV & Fire TV Stick software updates released

New software updates have started to make their way out to Fire TV and Fire TV Sticks. Fire TVs are being updated to software version while Fire TV Sticks are receiving software version These new updates are arriving less than a month after the previous software updates. Initial indication is that these updates bring only bug fixes and continued work on the upcoming shopping feature. When the previous updates arrived, we didn’t know at the time that they patched a serious vulnerability in Android, so perhaps these new updates are a continuation of that work. If you’re hoping to root your Fire TV device, you should block these updates for the time being and not upgrade past on Fire TVs and on Fire TV Sticks incase a new rooting method is released using the Stagefright vulnerability. As always, I’ll have an overview of these two updates once I get a chance to examine them closer.


  1. Oracle says:

    This update broke my Fire TV. I have a standard non rooted unmodified Fire TV. Every time I turn my TV off for more then a few minutes say around 3 minutes or more when I turn my TV back on the only signal my TV receives is a black screen. I even turned the screen saver off on my Fire TV and my TV just to be sure they were not blanking the screen. Nope not the screen savers. The only way I have found to get my Fire TV to send any picture other then a black screen to my TV is to restart my Fire TV.

    I’m guessing Amazon screwed up the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection or HDCP. Maybe the HDCP connection between my Fire TV and my TV is being severed when I turn my TV off and then not reestablished when I turn my TV on.

    Everything worked fine before this update. This started happening just after I updated to this new Fire TV firmware. I have made no other changes to my Fire TV or my TV. I hope Amazon is aware of this because I can’t restart my Fire TV every time my TV is turned off and then later turned back on. I’m certainly not leaving my TV on all the time when I’m not using it just to get around this.

    If anyone knows anything more about this problem such as a fix or some news that Amazon knows about it please speak up. Thank You.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Were you using software version without having this issue? I ask because it seems that with software update, Amazon added “always-on” HDCP protection to the output signal, where as before, HDCP would only be present when a copy protected video was playing. This is just speculation based on what I’ve observed.

      I have an HDMI video capture device. Starting with software update, the output of the Fire TV goes black when I turn the video capture device on. With it would only go black if I played a copy protected video.

      I suspect this new “always-on” HDCP is the root of your issue. I’ve contacted Amazon asking about HDCP changes with these updates, but haven’t heard back yet.

      • Oracle says:

        Yes, I was using firmware version without having this issue. I saw what version I was using before I upgraded to this one and I’m sure it was

        Because you mentioned Amazon had made recent changes to HDCP on the Fire TV, I wondered if my TV’s firmware might be the problem. It turned out that my TV had a firmware update available on the manufacturers website. The change log for my TV’s latest firmware listed various other unrelated fixes and a HDCP update. Thankfully the latest TV firmware update did fix the problem for my TV.

        I don’t know if this is a false alarm or not for the latest Fire TV firmware, but it does further confirm that Amazon has been making changes to the HDCP that could cause problems for some people.

        BTW, Thank you for this great website Elias! I visit it nearly everyday. It has helped me to make my Fire TV even more awesome then it would be without your website. Keep up the great work!

    • Chris Nickels says:

      Help–I need this fixed. Same issue here. I don’t exactly understand the tech stuff, but after the auto update of the firmware, I have the exact same problem whiny unrooted otherwise very lovable Fire TV

    • Brock says:

      I have the same issue. Just spoke with Amazon support and their remedy was to send a new unit, which they stated would “of course” come with the new firmware update pre-installed. I told them to not waste their or my time.

  2. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    Thanks Oracle,for the very important information and the warning about the latest Firmware update for the FireTV!

    I think that you should contact immediately the Amazon Technical Department, to let them know about this annoying problems…

    So Amazon can possibly stop the release of the Firmware, until they completely fix all these problems…

    Does anyone has experienced similar problems, after receiving and installing the latest FireTV Firmware update?

  3. Jeremy Roberts says:

    I’m also seeing a problem with CEC in this update. Before I could use my TV’s remote to navigate screens and launch apps but now it doesn’t do anything.

  4. Jay Patel says:

    Kodi is working as expected for new firmware update on Fire TV.

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