New drivers allow Fire TV control over IP via Home Automation Systems

For most people, pulling out a smartphone and using one of the various remote apps is a sufficient enough alternative way to control their Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. Those of you with complex home automation systems, on the other hand, have probably yearned for the day when you could integrate your Fire TV into the rest of your automation solution. Well, that day has arrived. Fusion Research, best known for making movie servers and whole-house audio systems, have developed a set of drivers which allow two-way Fire TV control over IP from URC, Control 4, and RTI control systems.

The most interesting feature of these new drivers is their two-way communication. While all the remote apps on the market can only send commands to the Fire TV, these drivers can also receive information from the Fire TV. For now, users can only tell whether any given Fire TV is being watched, but Fusion Research says they “are planning to expand this to other feedback including actual content in the next release of the driver.” The drivers are available directly from Fusion’s website for $49.95; a steep price in a world where your average smartphone app is $0.99.


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