New code-based login system will help bring Amazon’s Alexa to even more devices

Amazon has introduced a new simpler way for third-party Alexa device manufacturers to allow users to link those devices with their Amazon accounts. The new system, called Code-Based Linking, allows customers to register Alexa devices by simply entering a unique code on a secondary device, such as a mobile phone. This will allow Alexa to more easily be integrated into devices that don’t have keyboards or other user input methods.

The new login system for third-party Alexa devices works a lot like the system used by streaming television apps. The Alexa device will provide the user with a unique code that simply needs to be entered at Once you login to your Amazon account on that page and enter the provided code, the Alexa device will be linked to your account and start working.

The new code-based system means that device manufacturers wanting to integrate Alexa don’t need to create a method for users to login to Amazon, either on the device itself or through a supporting app, like has traditionally been necessary up until now. Since Alexa is appearing in more and more devices with limited user input methods, such as headphones, lamps, and watches, a code-based login system will make setting up those devices easier.

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  1. gumarn says:

    Looks like an implementation of the OAuth 2.0 device flow grant:

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