New build of software version rolling out to Amazon Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks

A new software update is currently rolling out to Amazon Fire TV devices. The update carries version number, which is the same as the previous software version, but has a new build number of 606753920. This is now the third version of the operating system to be released. When only the build number changes and not the version number, it indicates that the update controls new patches but doesn’t make any significant changes.

Amazon’s software update page and their source code notice page have not yet been updated to list this new software version. That’s not unusual since Amazon tends to wait for the majority of devices to receive an update before updating these pages.

It seems as though all Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV EDition television models are receiving this update, except the Fire TV 3. This is to be expected since the Fire TV 3 is running Fire OS 6, while all devices receiving this update are running Fire OS 5. I have not yet heard of a new update for the Fire TV 3 rolling out, beyond the last one.

It’s unknown what this new software update changes. There’s a chance this update includes something to combat the recent malware that has been infecting Fire TV devices. I’ll do my usual digging to try to uncover what changes this update makes, but be sure to comment below if you receive it and notice any differences.

  1. Skater4599 says:

    My element fire tv edition is still stuck on firmware it installed on December 1st. I check for updates everyday on it, I’m starting to think some things wrong with it since there’s been several updates now it just never got.

  2. Terry says:

    Would be nice to see the first rooted version of :-)

  3. clocks says:

    Anyone else lose sound from their soundbar after this update?

  4. Charlie says:

    Must be critical, because I have already gotten it and I always have to wait weeks for announced updates.

  5. James Courville says:

    My element updated today.

  6. JFC says:

    When I turned on my Fire TV 2 box today, it had the 3920 update waiting, and my unit in the past hasn’t been one of the first to receive phased updates. So perhaps this one is more of a mass, all at once push.

    It actually took a long time to process the update, longer than many past routine updates the box has had. And, it involved the device doing a reboot and saying it was going to eject my installed microSD card.

    Once the update process commenced, there was a long period where my TV screen just went to the no signal blank dark blue color. And I thought that maybe the update had stalled or something. And I was tempted to pull the power and restart then. But I didn’t and I’m glad I didn’t, because eventually, the blue screen went black and then into the normal Fire TV boot up graphic.

    In scrolling through the menus quickly, I’m not noticing any big apparent change on the surface. But I usually only pay attention to the top two lines of my Fire TV display anyway — the Recent line and the Your Apps & Channels line. I rarely venture into the mass of lines and tiles below that. :-)

  7. Kylara says:

    I have the update. One thing that was lost that I miss. When I fast forward, I can no longer see the mini screen showing you what is happening as you fast forward.
    It just shows a digital clock showing the time passing.
    Sometimes I FF through scenes that I am not interested in, now I can’t see when the scene changes.

    • Kylara says:

      Update: I did a restart on my Firestick and that resolved the problem.

    • RT says:

      After the update I have the same issue with no fast forward preview showing. Restarting the Firestick or unplugging power did not bring it back for me. I have not tried a factory reset yet, but I think I will contact support and see what they say about it.

  8. Chris says:

    Is this version known for going to sleep while watching Kodi? I use the PVR/Live TV and if I don’t touch the remote the Fire TV goes to sleep in about 20-30 minutes. Just updated to the rooted version couple days ago.

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