New BET app arrives on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Similar to NBCUniversal, Viacom has been on a bit of a new app spree for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, with the latest arrival being a new BET app. As you’d expect, the layout and functionality of the app is identical to other Viacom apps like Comedy Central, which I reviewed in detail, and MTV. Unlike most apps released by media conglomerates, Viacom’s apps actually have quite a bit of free content, including full episodes, that you can watch without needing to activate the app with a cable provider. Other Viacom properties that we’ll hopefully see Fire TV apps for in the future include Spike TV, Logo TV, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., CMT, and VH1.

  1. D3adpool says:

    This is just like the roku version: no live stream option whereas the android/phone version does.

  2. Sharon says:

    Can we get all the providers like xfinity comcast or dish network I was waiting for the the arrival of the firestick now that it is here. Not one of my providers are there

  3. Shanun says:

    I’m trying to download the bet app on my fire stick but when I go on line on my phone I have bet app on my phone the bet app appears I can’t put the code in for my fires stick

  4. Nea Beverly says:

    I really don’t see the point. Most cord cutters own fire sticks. If I had cable I would just watch on demand and wouldn’t need the fire stick except for Netflix, Hulu, etc. BET offer the subscription services for less than $5 per month to countries outside of the US. Why not offer that here? Smh

    • LadyScorpio says:

      Factss it’s so upsetting. If I have cable Wifi that should be enough to stream any channel on my Firestick. I mean we are still paying shoot.

  5. Mizz says:

    Can a friend come over and insert her cable provider password and username info if she wants to watch Bet and put in my fitestick code to allow it if I don’t have the cable she wants to watch????

  6. de"Marius says:

    I’m having the same issues as Shanun and Ebony.

  7. Tiqiula says:

    My cable company is not listed. So why offer me the services if I cannot really have it. Then offer me a package deal to purchase just to watch it. No thanks!

  8. tariq says:

    Why do I have to keep putting in a code to watch BET??? It should be one time and that’s it.



  10. Mary says:

    I’m trying to get BET on my Amazon firestick and can’t even find it. Why???

    • Cheryl says:

      I had the same problem until i used Alexa voice. It found it even though it wasn’t listed in featured or available apps. It’s downloading now but taking a long time.

      • Cheryl says:

        It finally downloaded and installed after about 15 min. I was able to open and access the app but it requires you to login thru a cable provider….Yikes!!! Totally defeated the purpose.

  11. Arlene says:

    I Try Several times to add the apps to my Fire stick not working for me ??

  12. Audrey Campbell says:

    Same here my Fire Stick is not allowing me excess even when you put the code in

  13. Linda says:

    I have a fire stick and it won’t let me put in the codes either
    Why did I buy it?

  14. Jasma Diggs says:

    Codes dont work smh but it works fine on my phone

  15. Tita says:

    I found BET on my Firestick but my cable provider is not on the list when I go to put in the activation code.

  16. Alice Mallory says:

    Every time I try to activate the BET app, on BET .com it never works.If it’s free why can’t I just download the app and start watching movies and tv series.

  17. Darrin K Fieber says:

    Yep. BET arrives… but you can’t watch it unless your local television provider allows for it. Unfortunately, I don’t have a television provider… that was the point of the Amazon Fire Stick… which means I can’t watch the Rundown… which sucks. Grumble grumble grumble. I’m an old man. Get off my lawn.

  18. Beverly says:

    Same here.i, can’t download Bet or Lifetime or VH1 and many more on firestick will not let me put the code in.

  19. Domonique Sterling says:

    It won’t let me watch certain programs. It says not authorized

  20. Fonda Jackson says:

    I’m hearing a lot of bad thing about BET plus app. I’m having doubt about getting. Have it got better yet ,. I keep trying watch shows on my fire stick but it will show them. Everyone just beware

  21. D. Dunn says:

    We subscribed to BET+ thru Amazon Prime. It says that Sistahs by Tyler Perry is included free with our Amazon Prime account, which we pay for monthly. We can see all of season 1 for free but they are asking us to pay $2.99 per episode for season 2. Contacted a rep with Amazon and she could not tell me why I can’t see season 2 for free even though it is included with my Prime Subscription! The same thing is going on with The Oval! Something is wrong with this picture! I’m going to get to the bottom of it. Somebody is lining their pockets with our money and we are not getting what we are paying for.

  22. Edward Hudson says:

    Is there any way to add BET(star) to my fire TV and not be lock out of the ending episodes.

  23. Tollie C Letlow says:

    I pay for BET but can no longer get it on my Fite Stick. And I paid it in full for the whole year. What is going on?

  24. Tollie C Letlow says:

    That was supposed to be *Fire Stick not *Fite Stick!!

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