New Apps for the Week of November 5th thru the 11th

This week there were 40 new apps and games released for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Reuters TV has released an app with free live streaming news coverage from around the world. Hoopla is a streaming service that lets you access all of its content for free through partnerships with local public libraries. Amazon has put their Fire TV Music app in the appstore so that Fire TV Stick Basic Edition owners can access it, since that device does not use the standard Fire TV interface. If you own a Synology NAS, like I do, you'll be happy to see that a DiskStation Video app has been added to view videos on your NAS through the Fire TV. Continue on for the full list of new apps and games released in the last 7 days.





  1. Randy says:

    Amazon’s app download screen says “DS video – for Fire TV” is not compatible with any fire TV’s… So I can not install it.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I’m not sure if I just didn’t notice this or it has since changed, but the DS Video app from Synology is (oddly) currently only compatible with the Fire TV Edition televisions. That’s why my script picked it up as a new app but it’s not available to install on traditional FireTVs and Fire TV Sticks.

  2. cdlenfert says:

    Elias, any advantage to using the Diskstation Video app over something like Kodi for video streaming from the Synology NAS?

    • AFTVnews says:

      I haven’t had a chance to dig into the app myself yet, but I will soon. The main advantage I see is having a central database of videos and watch history, similar to Plex. So if you were already using DS Video for mobile on-the-go viewing, the Fire TV app would keep you on a single system. Ultimately, there’s probably not much reason to switch from Kodi if you aren’t already using DS Video in other aspects, but I’ll look into it further.

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