New Apps for the Week of June 29th thru July 5th


[amazon template=list&asin=B00L9S8Y96]This beautifully illustrated puzzle game has you manipulating gravity to solve 48 innovative puzzles. The game initially debut with a $9.99 price tag, so if it seems like something you want to pick up, we suggest nabbing it quick incase the developer changes their mind and raises the price.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00L9FOGMI]A fast paced side scroller that has you racing against a clock as you navigate obstacles to stop a power plant form exploding. The game randomly generates each level so it’s a unique play-through every time.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00L2Z3UV8]This new spin on the classic Bomberman gameplay is a strategic maze-based game with 30 levels and 5 bosses that supports 1 to 5 players.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00I7LST0M]Reward: Earn 30 coins
Test your reflexes as you avoid obstacles while flying down a tunnel.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00KLEBBOE]A clone of the incredibly fun and popular game Heads Up. In this great party game, one player stands with their back to the TV while everyone else tries to get them to guess the word which appears on the screen. The game uses the Fire TV remote to record correct answers and passes by pressing up or down. There are 9 categories of words to choose from.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00LDCT938]90 levels of fast paced platforming with no way to save your progress. Can your muscle memory handle it?

[amazon template=list&asin=B00KNDCZZC]This endless first-person shooter has you slaughtering wave after wave of aliens in a mars setting. Oddly, there is a “Fire TV Edition” of this game that seems identical but costs more.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00KO26FDU]A strange soccer game where the ball blows up if you don’t score in time. And again, being from the same developer as the previous game, there is a “Fire TV Edition” of this game too that seems identical but costs more.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00KLMFHD2]Make It So Studios adds to their suite of free trivia games with this basketball trivia game consisting of four categories.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00KDRS6CO]This movie award trivia game brings Make It So Studios’ offering to 11 free trivia games.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00LG6CVAY]Reward: Earn 30 coins
Classic chess which lets you play against the computer or a friend. The 30 coin reward offer is set to end at the end of the month.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00ELY02W2]A clone of the extremely popular game Hill Climb Racing that has you driving through a hilly course.

[amazon template=list&asin=B004ET2DP8]FreeCell solitaire. A free ad-supported version is also available.

[amazon template=list&asin=B004DKWCAO]Spider solitaire. A free ad-supported version is also available.

[amazon template=list&asin=B004GT9ET4]

The Rest

[amazon template=list&asin=B0058OVI4U]Reward: Earn 60 coins
Weather news and emergency updates from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration with various satellite views.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00LC30KW2]Reward: Earn 30 coins
This app features “3-4 mini scenes”. Hmmm, well which is it, 3 or 4?

[amazon template=list&asin=B00LC0BOUW]Yet another “turn your TV into an aquarium” app. I think that makes 5 total for the Fire TV.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00L0Q9RX4]Reward: Earn 30 coins
A “disco scene” with “fun lights” and “nice disco beat”. Not our words.

  1. Joshua Gatcomb says:

    There are two missing from the list

    Spider (Free) – became available yesterday 2014-07-04
    Freecell (Free) – became available yesterday 2014-07-04

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