New Apps for the Week of June 21st thru the 27th

weekly150628 During the previous seven days, there were 31 new apps released for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The most notable game released is Xenowerk, a beautiful top-down shooter from the makers of the critically acclaimed game Space Marshals. Another worthwhile new game to check out is Warhammer Quest, based on the classic tabletop game of the same name. You may want to pick this game up sooner rather than later because Warhammer Quest was initially released at $4.99 but was dropped to $2.49 a day later. Its iOS counterpart, which has a great 4.5 star rating from thousands of reviews, is priced at $4.99, so the Fire TV's lower $2.49 price may be a temporary introductory price.

Another large YouTube channel, ICON network, released a dedicated Fire TV app this week, which received quite a bit of media attention. Other new noteworthy video apps are an official Porsche TV app and Funny For Free, a collection of free B-rated comedy movies. For those of you with kids, this week saw the release of Ameba TV, a free children's video streaming service.

Continue on for the full list of new Fire TV and Fire TV Stick apps released last week, and check out all new app posts to see what you've missed in the past.





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