New Apps for the Week of July 20th thru the 26th


Every Sunday we bring you the list of new apps and games released in the previous week for the Amazon Fire TV. This week we’ve got 11 apps and games. 


[amazon TITLE=”Four Little Knights”&template=list&asin=B00LW4DRLW]A side scrolling jumping platformer game that lets you control 4 characters simultaneously or play with up to 4 people.

[amazon TITLE=”Soccertron”&template=list&asin=B00M266JQE]A competitive soccer style game where you guide an orb into your opponents goal using your jetpack wearing character. The game can be played against the AI or 1vs1 using local mulitplayer.

[amazon TITLE=”Nikoli Sudoku”&template=list&asin=B00KZ5MVWU]

[amazon TITLE=”Alien March”&template=list&asin=B005M4PK2M]A sideways runner game with 7 different worlds, a variety of weapons, and 2 game modes.

[amazon TITLE=”Air Attack”&template=list&asin=B004UBB1IU]Fight off enemy air crafts and parachuters as they try to destroy the landscape.

[amazon TITLE=”Doge’s World”&template=list&asin=B00M1XLQB6]It’s a Mario game, except they’ve replaced Mario with a meme dog.

[amazon TITLE=”Yukon Solitaire”&template=list&asin=B00LXTKXBS]


[amazon TITLE=”WATCH Disney Channel”&template=list&asin=B00BFWY2KG]The Disney channel has finally launched on the Fire TV. The app is free, but you can’t watch anything without a cable subscription from a participating service provider. There is no a-la-carte subscription option. Once the app is activated, you can watch a live stream of the Disney channel, or browse their on-demand videos.

[amazon TITLE=”WATCH Disney Junior”&template=list&asin=B00BFX2DI8]This app is identical to the WATCH Disney Channel app above, but for the Disney Junior channel which is aimed primarily at children aged 2-9.

[amazon TITLE=”WATCH Disney XD”&template=list&asin=B00BFX4FUM]This app is identical to the WATCH Disney Channel app above, but for the Disney XD channel which is aimed primarily at male pre-teens and teenagers aged 6-14.


[amazon TITLE=”Summer Ambience”&template=list&asin=B00LXFLWJY]Reward: Earn 60 coins


  1. Chad says:

    Another week of mediocre game releases. Sigh. You left out Radiant Defense. It was one of those that randomly appeared in the store and was listed with no controller support, so it might have been taken down like the others. I Dled anyway and surprisingly it works quite well the game controller. One of the best mobile TD games.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I saw that the developers added Fire TV support, but it looks like they haven’t listed the game correctly, so there is no way to currently load it on the Fire TV. Assuming they fix it, I’ll list it next week. Thanks for the tip either way!

      • Chad says:

        There have been a couple other times through the FireTV game store I have seen games randomly show up, all listed with no controller support. There is some bunny shoot game I have have loaded right now that was on the store then taken immediately off. I ‘bought’ the app cause it was free, but when you load it no way to to control it. I guess the developers are testing things and sometimes the visible switch gets turned on for a moment.

        Just lucked out with catching Radiant Defense. Tower Defense is one of my favorite genres and their is an obvious lack of traditional TD games on FireTV. The controller integration on Radiant Defense is great. The joystick is used to maneuver the map and the d-pad used to cycle through turret sub-menus.

        It is utilizing the freeminum model with a set of tower options for sale, but only $3 dollars worth from what I can see so not too bad. I was hoping for a pay version similar to it’s release on Steam recently but I’m not gonna complain.

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