New Apps for the Week of February 28th thru March 5th


This week there were 36 new apps and games released for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Snowboard Party 2 Lite is a new free version of the popular game Snowboard Party 2 that you can try before committing to buy the full version. If you're a fan of Cards Against Humanity, then you may enjoy checking out Cards For Terrible People which is a similar party game in digital form. If a slower solo game is more up your alley, then take a look at Paint it Back which is a puzzle game you can play at your own pace that's similar to suduko and picross. There weren't too many notable entertainment apps released this week, but if you want to relax and get lost in some happy trees, you can;t go wrong with the new Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting app. If you like watching interviews with celebrities, take a look at The Hollywood Fast Lane and The Broadway Channel. Lastly, if you're looking for a simple way to display documents and PDFs on your Fire TV, try the newly released AnDoc app. Big thanks to Joshua, who runs Frugal Fortress, for restoring his app crawler this week, which I use, in conngunction with my own scripts, to help generate these weekly new app lists. Read on for the full list of new apps and games released during the last 7 days.





  1. mGuest says:

    A Bob Ross video app. \o/

  2. Cid says:

    Seriously check out that Bob Ross app. It’s actually really good. It looks like all the episodes are there too. It’s really nice.

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