New Apple TV reportedly available in October and twice as expensive as current model


Apple has sent out invitation to an event on September 9th where rummors say they’ll finally be introducing their next generation Apple TV. Sources tell 9to5Mac that the new Apple TV will be either $149 or $199, about twice the cost of the current $69 model, and will be available in October. Those sources say the new device will include Siri support, a new touchpad remote with gesture support for gaming, and finally a real app store. Apple’s streaming TV service, which they’ve been having trouble locking down deals for, won’t be announced next month, but is said to be one of the few new features coming to the existing Apple TV. The current Apple TV will reportedly remain in production as the entry level model for the new streaming service, but will not receive app store or Siri support.

If the rumored pricing is correct, it’s a stark reminder that, unlike Amazon, Apple is primarily a hardware company that needs to profit from the sale of their devices. Amazon can sell devices like the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick at cost because they expect to profit from services revolving around Prime membership. At possibly twice the cost of the Fire TV and five times the cost of the Fire TV Stick, the new Apple TV is priced to be profitable for Apple at the time of purchase, with profit from the sale of services being secondary. Would you pay twice as much for a Fire TV if it meant it’d have a less Amazon focused interface? Let me know in the comments.

  1. JonW747 says:

    Apple certainly could sell the Apple Tv at no profit, but they don’t need to. Why give it away when they can profit on the hardware sales AND monetize iTunes, streaming, and whatever else they can get their hooks in to?

    • BH14 says:

      Apple has to charge way more for their device because they are far behind in sales behind roku, amazon fire tv/stick and google chromecast. Apple TV has been a flop for them. However they know the apple fanatics will spend $200 for a subpar device simply because it says apple. They assume high price means its the best and that isnt true.

  2. pmcd says:

    A $200 Apple TV would be the end of that hobby. $100 has become an upper barrier.

  3. clocks says:

    When I first read the title of this post, I cringed. I thought it was for the Fire TV. Then when reading the actual article and seeing it is for Apple TV, I breathed a sigh of relief. I have zero interest in Apple TV, but am excited about the new fire tv, assuming it is not $200.

  4. Vanb says:

    People who purchase Apple hardware will continue to do so regardless of the ridiculous pricing. Apple wouldn’t still be in business if that weren’t true. I personally would not purchase Amazon hardware if it were priced similarly. Their high specs and low prices are part of the appeal. I don’t mind that they center their hardware around their ecosystem. As long as they continue to leave wiggle room to tweak it for those of us who know how, I’ve got no problem with how Amazon chooses to design their UI.

  5. Jason says:

    It depends on the actual specs and if I can load Kodi on it. I can get prime on my tv if I need to and not have to tweak to get Kodi up in recents.

    It would be cool to have an App Store and do more. The Apple TV though is no flop but it’s also several years old. I’d have to see it to see what I thought.
    I mean the nvidia shield is $199 plus another $49 for remote but it’s high end but in the end it’s really a game console that runs android.

    I love my iPhone and my iPad and my iMac. I never pay full price I have no need to. Is apple higher prices ? Yes but I’ll take a apple over a windows or android any day and honestly some android phones are in line with iPhones in price.

    You may say apple is high priced but I had my old iMac for years with never any issue no virus no having to run hard drive cleaning software it just worked.
    Right now the Google nexus and fire TV have the best deals on media boxes.
    The fire stick is ok but I have trouble with mine all the time wifi drops out and it’s slow.

    The shield is a nice console but $250 after a remote no thank I don’t play enough games to make it worth while.
    I’m curious fire TV 2 what it will do. Hoping 4k.

  6. ads says:

    if apple can offer a seamless updated version with amazon video / plex / netflix and their new streaming service then they could be onto a winner.

    I doubt this will happen though.

    I just want a box that offers the above a nice little remote headphone thing like the roku and emulators / new games. AFTV is the closest yet using kodi as the plex app is a bit hit and miss. It’s still not perfect and apple have a chance to compete.

    Lets face it though its unlikely. All these box’s seem to miss at least one thing whether it be by design / because of competition or that it just doesn’t work well (plex on aftv grr / amazon missing on roku(uk) / ATV(is just generally rubbish).

    It will be interesting looking at what comes out over the next few weeks though!

  7. Andrew says:

    I’m very excited to see what Apple brings to the table. I’m not offput by the cost assuming the hardware specs and service offering justify the expense; it’s still les than the cost of two months worth of cable service.

    I was very happy with my collection of ATV2’s using the media player from FireCore to stream content on my network shares. I used that setup for around 4 years. Now, they’ve been replaced with FireTV’s and Sticks using Kodi because, frankly, the ATV2 doesn’t handle 1080 content and sometimes struggles with 720.

    If the new ATV allows me to install nPlayer right from the App Store, I’m gonna get one. At least to try it. Competition in this market is a very, very good thing for all of us.

    • Apple1080p says:

      I completely agree. It better do 1080p and with some good media streaming apps, it could be a very nice device.

  8. Jack Astor says:

    I bought an Apple TV and returned it after a week. It just wasn’t good.

    ROKU and Fire TV are far superior devices.

  9. crevz31 says:

    you guys are basing judgements on hardware that isnt even released yet and complaining about price? what if its released with the latest or newest A9 processor (likely), a huge ssd hard drive, 4k etc etc etc? I love my firetv, used to like apple tv when it was relevant and like the seamlessness of airplay (macbook, iphone, ipad). that being said, for strictly a kodi player you are wasting your money yes.

    but one thing i think that trumps all of these boxes are the new Intel NUC’s and Compute sticks when it comes to home media players

    • Apple1080p says:

      I’m guessing the higher price is due to the touchpad remote. No SSD, that’s what the “cloud” is for.

  10. JonW747 says:

    If Apple can solve the problem of controlling mobile Apps on a TV in a clean, simple, and effective manner – that would be something. Google and Amazon threw in the towel and while we can add 3rd party keyboards and trackpads to those products it’s a clumsy solution.

    They will need some internal storage to deal with downloaded Apps and hopefully they don’t skimp if they want to be able to run games with multi-gigabyte storage requirements.

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