New Amazon shipping option lets you buy Add-On items with no minimum and group shipments

Amazon has introduced a new shipping option called “Amazon Day” that lets customers select a day of the week for their packages to arrive, according to CNET. By designating a specific day of the week as your Amazon Day and selecting the new delivery option at checkout, Amazon will hold your orders during the week and delivery them all at once on your selected day. This comes with the added benefit of being able to order Add-on items without needing to reach the $25 minimum order requirement.

The new Amazon Day shipping option is only available to a small subset of customers at the moment, but will be rolling out to more in the coming months. A message will appear on Amazon and the new shipping option will be listed during checkout to customers who have the option available. Right now it is only being made available to Prime members.

Customers who can configure and select an Amazon Day will still be able to select the usual 1-day, 2-day, and no-rush shipping options. Amazon Day will just be added as one more selection for delivery speed for those who prefer to have a bit more control over which day their orders arrive.

One added advantage of the new Amazon Day shipping option is that it allows customers to order Add-on items on their own. Normally, customers are not allowed to check out with only Add-on items in their cart if the order total is under $25. Customers who have the Amazon Day delivery options are able to purchase Add-on items without any minimum order requirements. When their selected Amazon Day arrives, the Add-on items will be delivered, even if no other items are ordered during that week.

The benefit to Amazon is that it reduces their shipping costs by potentially grouping multiple deliveries into one. For customers, it makes deliveries more predictable, which will help people avoid porch theft. The benefit for the world is it helps the environment by reducing package waste.

  1. Ray says:

    Pretty cool! I always hate finding that an item I need is an Add-On item, which usually happens right after I’ve placed a $100 order. :/

  2. Shawn says:

    This seems to have ended…at least for me. I tried it on a 5 dollar add-on item I previously ordered, and I didn’t get a check out option. I also tried the old work around of ordering through my echo dot, and that also no longer seems to work. Alexa just tells me to check my cart online.

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