New Amazon Remote passes through regulatory approval

A new remote from Amazon has just passed through regulatory approval in Brazil, first spotted by Brazilian blogger Everton Favretto who let me know about about the find. I was then able to find the Bluetooth declaration listing for the same remote, which was published yesterday. While neither listing specifically labels this remote as a Fire TV remote, the information listed does match the specifications of existing Fire TV remotes.

This new Amazon remote has the model number P4C6EN, which is listed on both the Brazil and Bluetooth declarations. It is a Bluetooth 5.0 device with low-energy capabilities, just like the most recently released Fire TV remote. The Bluetooth declaration lists the product name as “Pico.” For the last few Fire TV remotes, Amazon listed the remote’s codename as the product name in the Bluetooth listing, so “Pico” might be this new remote’s codename.

That’s all that is known about this new Amazon remote so far. While it might not be a new Fire TV remote at all, the specs used in the regulatory listings, such as the power usage and radio frequencies, do match the ones for existing Fire TV remotes exactly. As a reminder, this is how the latest Fire TV remote with app buttons was first discovered.

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