New Amazon Fire TV to be revealed tomorrow September 17th and arriving September 30th

One of my most trusted sources has just informed me that the new Amazon Fire TV will be revealed and available to preorder tomorrow, September 17th. I’m told the leaks and my discoveries are pretty spot on. The new device is expected to arrive at customers’ doors on September 30th. No word yet on pricing, but we’ll know soon enough.

It has been an exciting ride uncovering bits and pieces about the new device up to this point. If you’ve enjoyed my code digging and coverage, may I ask a favor? If you decide to purchase the new Fire TV, please do so through the “Shop Amazon” link in the menu above. Doing so gives me credit for the purchase, resulting in a little kickback my way from Amazon. It is the best way to show your support for AFTVnews, and greatly helps me justify the amount of time I put into the site.

  1. Donnie Turner says:

    NICE! Definitely getting my preorder in (I’ll use the link on this site) as I’ve enjoyed using my Fire TV quite a bit. It definitely has been an exciting ride and I appreciate your work on this site. I wonder if it’ll ship with Fire OS 5?

  2. Lukasz Soltykowski says:

    I hope UK release date will also be 30th of September

  3. jimberkas says:

    that’s awesome news that it will release tomorrow. I’m dying to see what it is and how much it will cost. I’m still loving my old Fire TV and Fire TV Stick and my Echo. Not entirely sure I’ll upgrade unless there is something really cool with the new version.
    Either way, I’ll wait until someone confirms that we can side load apps on the new version.

  4. jimberkas says:

    by the way, I do come here for amazon fire tv news, but I always check and today there was a link to this article.

  5. Justin says:

    Good job on finding all the information you did.

    Looking forward to see what the new Fire TV has to offer. Would be nice if they offered a discount for current owners though I’m not expecting that. Curious how compatibility will be handled. Probably new games will show something like “only compatible with fire tv 2” or something like that.

    I also just want to see the new Fire TV blow away the new apple tv. I’m not an apple fan and not impressed with what I’ve seen of the new apple tv.

  6. tom42 says:

    I’ve been having all kinds of Hulu issues this last week, so I checked to see if the app was updated and noticed this on amazon’s site

    Latest Updates
    What’s new in version 2.2.b

    1.Fix the player stability problems.
    2.Support new FireTV model & new Amazon OS version.

    #1 is complete BS I had no stability problems until this update, but #2 seems cool

  7. Paz Kachlon says:

    Finally! Thank you :)
    Been following all the latest news :3

  8. clocks says:

    I had bought an extra voice controller when it was on sale about a month ago. Wondering it I should ebay it, since the new box will use a different remote.

  9. Dave69 says:

    Should be some deals on this during the holidays….think black friday.

  10. Here’s to hoping they fix the audio bugs that have plagued apps like Plex that uses the default video player! Probably not though, so everything will still be trans-coded :(

  11. Brian Miller says:

    I first tried out the Fire Stick was I complexly unimpressed with it mostly due to WiFi issues. So I decided to upgrade to Fire TV and it was the best damn choice I could have made. My second best decision was finding your site which has been quite beneficial. Yes, I will be upgrading my Fire TV with a newer model once it appears.

  12. Keith says:

    That was fast! So its going to beat apple tv to the market by probably a few weeks. Hope its ready…either way, amazon will at least try to make the customers happy even if the initial release has some bugs or isnt really polished. Very good move imho (getting this box in livingrooms asap). Im excited!

  13. Edgar says:

    Will there be a keynote or something to show all the new features/hw. I’ll be preordering as well.

  14. Simon Gauduchon says:

    Can you put up a link to the UK Amazon site for all your British followers..

  15. Some One says:

    Wahoo! I’m gonna pick up some of these and let a few of them just sit. In hopes of a successful rooting method! I love playing God on my devices!

  16. John says:

    Will definitely use ur link. This site has been by far the best resource for Fire TV news, rumours, guides and tips and tricks. Really appreciate all your hard work, time and effort.

    Can you provide a UK Amazon link so that we can support you?


  17. Mayo says:

    I might also upgrade, if you provide an Amazon Link for Germany, I will do it from your website. By the way: If you write about discounted apps, it would be very handy to get links to as well. Usually the same apps are discounted in US and DE.

  18. RVD26 says:

    Will only purchase if I can sideload apps.
    Long live Kodi!

  19. natebetween says:

    Awesome. Will definitely use your link. Will likely only purchase one until I verify Kodi will work. After that, will probably purchase a 2nd for the bedroom. Thanks for sharing all of the leaks.

  20. Rodalpho says:

    Due to Amazon blocking Kodi on their appstore, I will never purchase another FireTV, but I am likely to pick up a Shield at some point and I will use your link then. Very helpful site!

    • BillH says:

      There are very few dedicated apps for the Shield. I was looking at the Shield but the very small selection of apps is a killer for me. They are missing a ton of the simple basic apps. You may be able to sideload but it will be the lesser phone/tablet version. For example, I would much rather have the nice interface Fire TV HBO GO version over phone/tablet HBO GO version. The picture quality is much better too with dedicated apps. The Fire TV has like a billion dedicated apps right now. Also, the Fire TV can simply sideload Kodi in a few seconds right from your phone/tablet with agk fire app. Also, the Shield doesn’t even come with a remote. It comes with game controller so you gotta pay extra… $225? I will look at the next Fire TV.

      • David says:

        I was thinking about getting a shield. I like that it has 3g of ram. No other bow has that, plus the fastest quad core processor and storage capabilities. It also has kodi pre installed.

      • Rodalpho says:

        HBOGO isn’t native on the androidTV yet, but it’s coming. If that’s one of your primary use cases, I agree the FireTV is a better choice for right now.

        My primary use case is Kodi, and while it can certainly be sideloaded and run via a separate launcher (I do that now, on my FireTV 1st gen!), Amazon’s purposeful disrespect of Kodi is the main reason why I refuse to buy another FireTV.

  21. BillH says:

    I have been very happy with my Fire TVs (got 2 boxes and 1 stick) as they pretty much do everything that I want. It will be very tempting to get the new version Fire TV though even though I don’t really need to upgrade.

  22. MARCELO H MANZO says:

    4k support, if yes it will the first major manufacturer to release that

  23. TVFan says:

    Sweet! So this would explain why the current Fire TV has been unavailable on Amazon for some time now. Thanks for the heads-up, this is an exciting development! Am really loving the Fire Stick and am now looking forward to the new Fire TV.

  24. natebetween says:

    Is tomorrow here yet??

  25. Alex Blomkvist says:

    Great news!

    If posting a link to will help, I will gladly use it and I’m sure other readers from Germany will do too.

  26. Guido says:

    Fire TV (new) is available in germany right now again (limited stock). Hope you are right and the new generation is shown today. Hope for no big delay in release for europe.

  27. Jonathan says:

    You should include a link for on your site.

  28. Hebert says:

    Well, maybe this time will be different, but at this hour of the day the new fire tv should had been released. At least, it was this way, when Amazon launched the fire TV stick and the Echo.

  29. sean says:

    says oct. 5th

  30. jeff says:

    can you connect a hard drive to the usb port?

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