New Amazon Fire TV remote passes through FCC approval

A couple of months ago, a new Amazon remote passed through regulatory filings with Brazil and the Bluetooth organization, carrying model number P4C6EN. That same remote has now passed through FCC approval in the US, under FCC ID 2AYT9-7426. While there is still no definitive evidence that this is a Fire TV remote, that does seem to be the most likely scenario.

The Bluetooth filing suggests this remote is codenamed “Pico,” however, if the dimensions of the remote outlined in the FCC filing are accurate, this remote seems to be longer than the existing 3rd-gen Alexa Voice Remote that comes with the stand-alone Fire TV media players. If it is a long Fire TV remote, that means it is most likely destined for use with a Fire TV Smart TV, because those remotes have considerably more buttons. That said, existing Fire TV Smart TV remotes are not manufactured by Amazon, and, therefore, are not submitted for regulatory approval by Amazon, as this new remote has been. So, if this is, in fact, a Fire TV Smart TV remote, it would be the first one made by Amazon.

Omni Series and 4-Series Fire TV Smart TV Remote

Amazon did just announce its new line of Omni Series and 4-Series Fire TV Smart TVs, which are the first to be built by Amazon, so this new “Pico” remote could certainly be the one bundled with those TVs. However, the remote pictured with those TVs, seen above, looks functionally identical to the remotes that already come with existing Fire TV smart TVs, seen below. Those existing remotes are not made by Amazon and were not submitted by Amazon for regulatory approval. The only apparent difference between the Omni/4-Series remote and the existing Fire TV Smart TV remotes is the replacement of the Alexa voice button from a black button with a microphone icon to a blue button with the Alexa icon. That change alone would not necessitate a new FCC filing.

Remote bundled with many existing Fire TV Smart TVs

In the past, Amazon has swapped out the remote included with Fire TV Smart TVs without changing the TV itself. Some 2020 Fire TV Smart TVs from Toshiba and Insignia originally shipped with the older Fire TV Smart TV Remote. Once Amazon introduced a new remote, those same TVs began including the new remote in the box. There’s a chance Amazon’s Omni and 4-Series Fire TV Smart TVs will initially ship with the existing remote and then ship with the new “Pico” remote, once it’s released.

Of course, this is all completely a guess. It’s also possible that the “Pico” remote is the one included from the beginning and it just looks identical to the existing remote but has new electronics. The “Pico” remote could also have nothing to do with Fire TV Smart TVs, since none of those remotes have ever been submitted to the FCC by Amazon. Hopefully, now that the new remote has been approved by the FCC, we’ll see it released soon and know the answer once and for all.

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