New Amazon Fire TV owners should start here

If you just received a new Amazon Fire TV and are wondering where to start as far as modding and rooting goes, then head over to my starters guide at It will walk you through the process of correctly setting up your new Fire TV, rooting it, and then updating it to the latest software version without losing root. Everything in the guide is reversible if in the future you wish to revert back to stock, but if you just let the Fire TV update normally and decide later that you want to do something that requires root, then you’ll be out of luck. It’s best to root and update properly now, and decide later if you want to keep your Fire TV rooted.

  1. Kim Dorsey says:

    I cannot get the remote open >>> Help

  2. Derrick says:

    I have side loaded an app (speedtest) but I can’t get it t work with my remote. I did the same with the itv app. I am a bit of a newbie. What do you suggest?

  3. boddy says:

    Kodi crashing on Amazon Tv can anyone help with a solution.

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