New Amazon Fire tablet goes through FCC approval

A new tablet that appears to be made by Amazon has just gone through FCC approval with model number and FCC ID 2AWRO-8768, as spotted by TabletMonkeys via Liliputing. Of course, there is nothing explicitly labeling this as a Fire tablet, but it certainly has all the usual signs of being one. While the Fire 7 tablet is the oldest one in Amazon’s linup and the most likely model that will be updated next, there is actually compelling evidence that this is actually a new Fire HD 10, even though one was just released last year.

Brad Linder over on Liliputing astutely points out that the fake company name that Amazon has used to submit this tablet to the FCC, Abyssal Plain LLC, is the same name that Amazon used to submit the Fire HD 10 tablet that was released last year. To my knowledge, Amazon has never used the same fake company name more than once for its regulatory fillings. Additionally, the FCC ID number of 2AWRO-8768 for this new tablet differs by just one character from the FCC ID used for the 2021 Fire HD 10 tablet, which is 2AWRO-8762. That is also quite unusual for Amazon devices. Those two unusual quirks of this new tablet lead Brad to believe this could be a new Fire HD 10 model and I’m one to think so as well.

Amazon just released a new revision of its 3rd-gen Alexa Voice Remote for Fire TVs less than a year after first introducing the new remote, yet both remotes appear to be identical on the outside. Commenter Shirley Dulcey points out that the remote revision might be due to component availability with the original model, which seems like a very plausible reason for releasing a new model so soon, considering the chip shortage the world is currently experiencing.

If this new tablet is, in fact, a new Fire HD 10, I’d say there’s a good chance it will be identical to the existing model and simply differ by some internal components that required it to be re-approved by the FCC. That’s not to say that we won’t see a new 7-inch tablet from Amazon this year, since the current model was released back in 2019, but this FCC filing doesn’t seem to be it.

  1. Rik Emmett says:

    Will amazon ever release a tablet with cellular data capability?

  2. TJ says:

    Hopefully this one doesn’t slowdown to a turtle after a couple of updates…

    • Sergio Schubert says:

      So that’s just not mine then? I thought it was the Google stuff that I added on. It’s SO slow!

      • Mike says:

        Mine has run completely fine months later.

        Sometimes needing to be restarted but that’s with most tablets/phones.

        Also might want to check on cache. Using too much storage will slow down the device. So if it’s 90% full it will start to be sluggish.

        Also factory resets should restore some speed. And setting it back up with all your apps is easy. As long as you backed everything up like you always should.

        I am also using it with Google and Nova launcher. Haven’t had it mess up to the point a restart didn’t fix it.

  3. John Eaton says:

    I mostly use my Fire HD 10 tablet for streaming movies and tv shows and for that it performs really well! I have probably owned it for 6 years and the battery holds it’s charge better than other newer devices. I use very good quality noise canceling headphones and the sound is first rate. Maybe I got lucky with this one?

    • Dan Lynch says:

      Have to agree we use ours the same way ( head set & down load on good. I own 3 Fire tablets newest 2 are HD10 . For price they are great to travel with. I have our own potable hot spot( Metro pcs)to avoid guest wu-fi

  4. Greginfla says:

    I think the Amazon fire 7 is a perfect size tablet. I wish apple would make a mini that size. It’s bigger than iphone but not big enough to fit in my work pants. Perfect screen size

    • Rik Emmett says:

      The Ipad Mini is 7.69 x 5.3 x 0.25
      The Fire 7 is 7.52 x 4.53 x 0.42

      The Ipad Mini should still fit in your pocket and it has the same SOC as an iphone 13 for half the cost.

  5. Maybe it will it will be a HD 10 128 GB!

  6. John Smith says:

    I rather see the HD 8 get a refresh
    also the only thing I really want to see Amazon add is a 3 pin magnet connector like apple has on the ipad for keyboard folio covers and a show mode dock
    and a software update that allows fire tablets to be grouped into Alexa audio groups
    wireless charging is nice I guess but doesn’t really make much sense on a tablet, they should have introduced a 3 pin connector on the side or back of their HD8 and HD 10 tablets when they came out with show mode and the 2 piece show mode docks ,it would have made much more sense and been cheaper too and also would have afforded hen the opportunity to sell folio keyboard covers as well as docks that are easier and cheaper to manufacture than the 2 piece show mode dock or the wireless charging dock
    and it would have resulted in less waste (like no obsolete show mode 2 piece docks) not that Amazon cares about that
    maybe update the RAM to 3GB on the HD8 and 4GB on the HD8 plus as well

    • John Smith says:

      Oh yeah and they could also sell show mode speaker docks along side of the regular docks if they went this route as well , that would turn it into an echo show 8 or 10
      with a removable screen that doubles as a tablet

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