New Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet passes through FCC approval

A new tablet, which is very likely the next-generation Amazon Fire HD 10 model, has just passed through FCC approval as spotted by Liliputing. The current Fire HD 10 was released in 2021 so it is the oldest model in the lineup and most due for a refresh. The FCC listing also indicates the tablet is approximately the same size as the current Fire HD 10 tablet, so it seems pretty certain that it’s going to replace Amazon’s largest tablet. Not much else is known about the tablet at this time, but the FCC filing does seem to list NFC and GPS support, which would both be firsts for a Fire tablet if correct.

  1. Ant says:

    It would be nice if they offered a discount in return for old tablets.

  2. BobD says:

    I still have 2 old 8inch models. They’re in a desk drawer for the last 3 years doing nothing. As soon as new model comes out have to see if there is any trade in value. Who keeps buying new models every year?

    • Kary says:

      They don’t tend to offer new models each year. Every 2-3 years. Security updates last for four years after they sell the unit new, so you can get by only buying every 4-6 years if you time it right.

  3. Roch Arocha says:

    With all the money Bezos makes, one would think he would invest some money and make a grade A+ tablet. It is not like he is taking that money with him when he dies. Quit being a tight-ass and give the people something of quality and not an upgrade in measley specs. I dislike stingy, corrupt businessmen. I will buy the new tablet only because I collect them. I don’t invest in the Fire 7s because they suck. Period!

    • Mark says:

      I dislike self-entitled people making ridiculous demands because someone else is successful and these self-entitled people are jealous. “It is not like he is taking that money with him when he dies. Quit being a tight-ass and give the people something of quality and not an upgrade in measley specs.”

    • hittsy says:

      The issue is the niche and use case. Nobody makes a trustworthy low-cost tablet, except US-based Amazon with a promise to support the device for 4+ years. Amazon also has a lot of users on prime video and kindle services, both of which don’t need lots of horsepower.

      If they made a high-end tablet, they’d have to increase the price, compete against Samsung, Google, and apple. For what? They already make a tablet with a HD screen, humongous battery life, a headphone jack, and is capable of utilizing all of their products.

    • BobD says:

      You do know Mr. Bezos hasn’t been the CEO of Amazon for a while now….

    • Chris K says:

      They tried competing in the “premium” segment with the HDX 7 and 8.9. Well-built devices with good battery life, lots of power and memory (for their time) and absolutely fantastic screens. But I don’t think they were wildly successful since they abandoned that segment after 2014 and seemed to shift focus to the “budget” tablet market.

      Overall, there really doesn’t seem to be a massive demand for top-of-the-line Android (or Android-adjacent) tablets. Android is a fantastic operating system for simple content consumption, but there aren’t a lot of users using Android tablets for creation. Lenovo is about the only company that seems to be making higher-end Android devices.

  4. Juan says:

    What worries me is that they will also star to fiddle with this new tablet so people cannot install other apps like they are doing with TV and FireSticks.

  5. Sean says:

    Anazon need to start allowing crossover with Google and allow features such as mirroring; not to mention shelve the archaic fat32 file system and sort the OTG input out to allow projector hook up.

    If they don’t, there’s no point me ‘upgrading’when genuine Andoids don’t behave so restrictively.

  6. Tom L. says:

    Exactly what worries me too. I don’t even register Fires with Amazon, sideload everything, and run a Linux command line emulator, Termux, without rooting.

  7. Bill says:

    The Fire tablets just need to support the Google Play Store natively out of the box. That would be a major boost in their appealability. The Amazon app store is so ridiculously limited.

  8. Paul Agape says:

    Amazon fire is cool but it’s inability to support Google apps is why I stopped buying.
    Mine and me are unable to read as often as we did when we stopped buying them.

  9. shane walter says:

    The next Amazon tablet needs USB4 and Thunderbolt 3 protocols so that the tablet can be used as an external monitor wired but that’s not going to happen other than that I hope it’s a decent spec bump over the previous version.(needs more RAM.)

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