New Alexa Voice Remote w/ Power & Volume controls for Fire TVs is on sale for $14.99 — First Sale Ever!

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Amazon has just put the new Alexa Voice Remote on sale for $14.99 (£14.99 UK) (€14,99 DE). That is 50% off the regular price of $29.99 and this is the first time that it has ever been on sale. It’s very rare for Amazon to put their remotes on sale, so if you’ve been thinking of buying the new remote, this is your chance to get it at a hefty discount.

The new Alexa Voice Remote is being put on sale in conjunction with the announcement that the regular Fire TV Stick will now include the new remote for the same price of $39.99. Since many people purchased the Fire TV Stick with the old remote during the holidays while it was on sale for $24.99, this remote sale essentially makes up for missing out on the new bundle. If you purchased the old Fire TV Stick bundle on sale for $24.99 and you purchase this new remote for $14.99, you will have paid the same price as if you waited to buy the new bundle. Better yet, you will be better off because you now also have the old voice remote to use as a backup or secondary remote.

Two Fire TV remotes can be used simultaneously on one device. This handy for two-player games that don’t require game controllers, but it’s also nice to have his and hers remotes or an adult remote and a kids remote. The new Alexa voice remote is only compatible with the 2nd-Gen Fire TV Stick, 3rd-Gen Fire TV (Pendant), Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Stick 4K. It is not compatible with the 1st-Gen Fire TV, 1st-Gen Fire TV Stick, 2nd-Gen Fire TV, or Fire TV Edition televisions.

In addition to being able to control power, volume, and mute, through the dedicated buttons on the remote, the Alexa Voice Remote can also replicate all the same universal remote capabilities of the Fire TV Cube’s IR blasters. This means that you can use the new remote to change inputs, turn soundbars/receivers on or off, and even change channels on cable or satellite boxes. This is all done by speaking your request into the microphone on the remote and then pointing the remote at your home theater equipment.

For those of you with surround sound speakers, the power button on the remote can be configured to turn on both your TV and soundbar/receiver simultaneously. It can also automatically change the input of your TV and/or sound equipment to your Fire TV at the same time so that everything is up and ready with a single button press. As for the volume and mute buttons on the remote, they can be configured to control either your TVs volume or your soundbar/receiver volume. This configuration is independent of how the power button is configured, so you can have the power button control only the TV, if you’d like, and the volume buttons control your soundbar/receiver.

The Alexa Voice Remote for $14.99 (£14.99 UK) (€14,99 DE) sale is only for a limited time or while supplies last, so be sure to get your orders in soon.

  1. D3ADPOOL says:

    Anyone know if this works on the nvidia shield?

  2. fred says:

    I lost my tv remote and have a Fire tv 3, will this work?

  3. Y2Bogus says:

    The only thing missing from this is a swap tv input button.

  4. Red says:

    Is there a good guide/instruction manual re the voice commands format for changing inputs, channels etc.?

  5. Nick says:

    Anyone been able to find a workaround for rooted fire tv boxes to use the remote? Ridiculous that Amazon has chosen to not include those devices.

    • Greg says:

      Actually, it’s not ridiculous. Why should Amazon reward behavior that is inconsistent with their company’s goals? Perhaps it’s time to unroot your device and take advantage of its full functionality.

      • Michael says:

        “Reward” is subjective. Considering Amazon is “selling” the device. They can make money selling the remote or not sell it. Might not have anything to do with “Rewarding” a person.

        I feel that by making this remote not backwards compatible they are “punishing” me for owning a Gen1 box and “forcing” me to upgrade or buy a $25 remote to replace mine that stopped working. My Gen1 box is not rooted by the way.

      • Nick says:

        I guess I need to explain it to you. I mean it’s ridiculous that this remote (which should’ve been released from day 1 with TV controls) is not backwards compatible with all of their lineup, no reason it shouldn’t be. Fire TV 1 and 2 boxes should have support, regardless of root status. My comment was whether or not anyone has found a way, utilizing the freedom of rooting, to bypass this measure. As a heavily invested user of Amazons devices, I find it unacceptable to discriminate on which devices can work with the remote. Just like their decision to remove the game controllers ability to work on devices it did previously or the fact that early adopters of the Fire TV Cube didn’t get this remote, instead had to pay for it additionally. Now the cube comes with it standard. Poor business practice in my opinion, you are punishing the customers who have supported your company and their products. Starting to sound like planned obsolescence to me.

        Also, the fact that you think unrooting the device to unlock “full functionality”, explains your ignorance on the subject.

  6. 2WhlWzrd says:

    Quantity limited to 2, I have 3 compatible devices. Good job Amazon.

  7. Bob says:

    $14.99 is way too expensive for a simple remote control. I’ll pass.

  8. Just got an extra 20% off (equivalent to an additional £3.00 saving) using the promotional code: 20WELCOME which can be applied in the gift card / promo code box when you “Proceed to checkout” having first signed-in and added the remote to your Amazon basket. May not work in all regions (or on all accounts) but it’s worth a try. Paid only £11.99 in total for a remote that would otherwise cost £29.99 (were it not already on sale for half-price at £14.99) which works out at just over 60% off the regular selling price instead of the 50% saving from Amazon. Happy days! :-D

  9. fred says:

    Read where I said I lost my remote. A sidekick wouldn’t work, because it had to sync from my original Thinking this uses hdmi cec don’t think my tv has it

    • Mike says:

      If you’re trying to get another remote to work, you can use the Amazon Firestick app on an android phone to get you to the settings area to pair a new remote. I did this fix with a remote that had become unpaired to it’s firestick.

    • Charlie says:

      Gotcha! Didn’t read TV. At least I meant well.

  10. Flokic says:

    Elias, do you know if this remote is compatible with the Fire Stick Basic Edition?

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