New Alexa Voice Remote Lite for Fire TV passes through regulatory filings

2nd-gen Alexa Voice Remote (left) and 1st-gen Alexa Voice Remote Lite (right)

A new Alexa Voice Remote Lite, which is what Amazon calls the remote that comes with the Fire TV Stick Lite, has just gone through regulatory approval. This remote, which is the only Fire TV remote that does not have buttons to control TV power and volume, was released just over a year ago, yet it seems that Amazon is already gearing up to replace it with a newer version.

The Alexa Voice Remote Lite debuted in September 2020 alongside the announcement of the Fire TV Stick Lite, Amazon’s first sub-$30 Fire TV model. It was likely a crucial factor in reaching that new low price, since it lacks all the advanced equipment control capabilities of the full-fledged Alexa Voice Remote. Now, a new model has received Bluetooth regulatory approval and has passed through Brazil’s regulatory filing.

The new remote is listed in the regulatory filing as an “Alexa Voice Remote Lite,” so it will presumably replace the current remote. It appears to be codenamed “Eiger” and has a model number of “E4GE9R.” It does not appear as though this new remote has passed through the FCC in the US yet, so it may still be months away from release. Not much else is known about the new remote at this time.

  1. Steve Bezos says:

    yeah, no volume? WTF.

    • Russ says:

      Ya, I hate not having volume control on my lite, it didn’t make any since from the start. Anyway, this looks like the 4k remote?

  2. Shirley Dulcey says:

    Given the current issues with component availability, this is likely to be a revision to shift to parts they can get rather than a change in its capabilities.

    The lack of volume controls is one of the things that makes it Lite. (It also doesn’t have the dedicated channel buttons.) The stick itself is the same as the regular Fire Stick (but not the Fire Stick 4K or the Fire Stick 4K Max). There are some viewing setups where you won’t use that volume control; if that applies to you, you won’t miss it and you’ll save a bit of money.

  3. TechyChris says:

    Getting back to the “Naming Conventions” that Amazon applies to its various devices:
    There is “Eiger Mountain” as well as the highly underrated film (in my humble opinion) “The Eiger Sanction” starring Clint Eastwood circa 1975.

  4. g says:

    Can I just comment here. WTF. Common sense..give me volume control for soud bar etc..mute..and power on tv..done

  5. Keith says:

    In-production update, not “new remote”. Probably just a different chip supplier.

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