New Alexa Voice Remote for Fire TV is “on sale” for $22.99 — Includes a bunch of “free junk”

If you own a Fire TV Cube or Fire TV Stick 4K and are interested in swapping out your current remote for the new Alexa Voice Remote, which normally sells for $29.99, then you can currently get the new remote for just $22.99 and Amazon will throw in a pair of AAA batteries and a bunch of junk for free, like a paperweight in the shape of a 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick, a nearly useless micro USB cable, a slow USB charger, and the world’s shortest HDMI extension cable. I think you see where I’m going with this, but if not, then the cheapest way to buy the new remote is if you buy the 3rd-Gen Fire TV Stick on sale for $22.99.

Amazon notoriously never puts Fire TV remotes on sale, so it’s highly unlikely the new remote will be available in any way for less than this price. Amazon is certainly not going to ever include the new remote with the Fire TV Stick Lite, since that would essentially just turn the bundle into the Fire TV Stick 3. So, the cheapest way to get the new remote will always be buying the Fire TV Stick 3 at the lowest price possible. The current $22.99 sale for the Fire TV Stick 3 is the first time it has ever been available this low, so this is equally the lowest price the new remote has ever been.

The new remote does everything the old one does but adds a guide button that brings up the live channel guide and adds 4 app buttons. I initially wasn’t a fan of this remote due to the app buttons, but since all but the Prime Video button can be remapped with my Remapper app, this quickly became my favorite remote. Remember, the “included” Fire TV Stick 3 that you get will work fine with older remotes or just the Fire TV Remote app if you want to keep it around as a backup/secondary device or even just give it away.

The new remote is compatible with the Fire TV Stick 4K, 3rd-gen Fire TV (pendant), and both the 1st and 2nd-gen Fire TV Cubes. It’s also compatible with the Fire TV Stick, both 2nd and 3rd-gen, as well as the Fire TV Stick Lite, but I assume only those of you with 4K Fire TV models would be interested in buying the Fire TV Stick 3 just for its remote.

  1. Asha says:

    Thanks for the great suggestion! Do you have instructions on unpairing the old remote and pairing the new remote.

    • You bet. For switching remotes, just be sure to pair your new remote BEFORE you unpair your old remote. Go to Settings > Controllers > Remotes > Add New Remote. Then hold down the home button for 10 seconds on the new remote and use the old remote to add it. You’ll then have both remotes working simultaneously. You can just leave it that way if you want, or use the new remote to unpair the old remote from the list.

  2. JFC says:

    Elias, took your suggestion and bought one of the cheapie Fire TVs on sale for Prime Day specifically to get the abovementioned 2021 version 3rd gen Fire TV voice remote with the dedicated Live TV Guide and Streaming Channel buttons…because I really wanted a one-button remote solution for accessing the live TV guide instead of fiddling with the FTV’s on-screen menus all the time.

    Good news to report — my one concern going in turns out to be unfounded. The new remote and its Live TV Guide and Streaming Channel dedicated buttons work perfectly fine with the alternate Wolf Launcher setup on my Fire TV 1st gen Cube.

    I was worried going in that using the Wolf Launcher on my FTV might break some functionality of the new remote and its dedicated buttons. But thankfully, that turns out NOT to be the case, as I tested them all to work perfectly earlier today.

    Really happy with the new remote (while the Fire TV device that came with it sits in a drawer). Makes the UI and functionality of my Cube so much nicer to deal with! As you said, the new Alexa voice remote with dedicated Live TV Guide and Streaming Channel buttons also has become MY favorite remote as well!

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