New Alexa Skill tells you when and where a TV show will air next


A new Alexa Skill, simply called ‘TV Shows‘, is now available on both the Amazon Echo and Fire TV devices running Fire OS 5. This new skill will tell you what date and time a specific TV show will air next, as well as which network the show is on. As with all Alexa Skills, you must first enable the skill either through the Alexa App or Alexa Web Portal before the functionality becomes available. Once the skill is enabled, simply say “Alexa, ask TV Shows when does [NAME OF SHOW] air?” You can phrase the request in various ways, like “Alexa, ask TV Shows to look-up [NAME OF SHOW]” or “Alexa, ask TV Shows when is [NAME OF SHOW] on next?” As with all of Alexa’s functionality on the Fire TV, you don’t need to preface the request with “Alexa, …” first.

  1. Dave says:

    This does not work at all

  2. Haydn Lamb says:

    i cant find this app on my Skills list am i missing something?

  3. Don says:

    I’m looking for a skill that will tell me what shows are on tonight on a stated channel. I don’t need to know when the next show will play or anything like that just list the shows by name on say, channel 2.
    I would think that would be a core command for a skill like this.Thanks in advance to anyone who knows of a skill like what I discribed.

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