New AirPlay app released for the Fire TV & Fire TV Stick

One of the most popular category of apps on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are apps that add Apple AirPlay capabilities to the devices. Three out of the five most purchased apps by AFTVnews readers in 2014 were AirPlay apps, so it’s worth mentioning when a new player enters the AirPlay game. Airtight is a new app that promises to turn any Fire TV or Fire TV Stick into an AirPlay receiver, and it does so for just $0.99. That’s the same price as the full version (via in-app purchase) of AirBuddy, the previous cheapest app, but Airtight promises more features.


There are now 6 different AirPlay apps compatible with the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. I’ve personally tried two, AirReceiver and Mirroring360, and would recommend AirReceiver. My only complaint is that after about 15 minutes of streaming music from a Mac, it occasionally stutters for a split-second before resuming to play the audio. It’s as if it’s “refreshing” the stream or something. Otherwise, I’ve been pretty happy with the app.

Airtight is most noteworthy for its cheap $0.99 price tag compared to most of the other apps in its genre. It doesn’t currently support mirroring, but the developer says it will be added in a future update. When it’s added, it will have an advantage over AirBuddy which also does not support mirroring. AirBuddy is free but requires a $0.99 in-app purchase if you want to use it for longer than 15 minutes at a time. If you give Airtight a try, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

  1. BoomSchtick says:

    You forgot AirBuddy. I bought that… it’s just OK. Mostly works fine for music, but video is terrible.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Oops! I could have sworn AirBuddy was like AllCast in that it required an app on both ends. Thanks for point that out! I’ve reworked the post to include AirBuddy.

  2. PHAMOS says:

    Yea I have Airtight for my old Logitech Revue it’s pretty solid. I wonder if I have to buy it again? Oh well it’s only $0.99

  3. hdmkv says:

    May try Airtight, but for me, airplay via Kodi (XBMC) has worked best. Not perfect as sometimes I only get audio, but works 70% of the time.

  4. Tom says:

    I have AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO) – works like a charm! Can’t stream youtube app, so just uninstall that and watch from safari, works fine. Also some other apps have special encryption so doesnt allow for airplay either (NHL, ect). Otherwise, awesome.

    • pmcd says:

      I too really like this app. It works great for me, including mirroring. Have tried almost all of the AirPlay apps for the AFTV and this one has been the best by far for me.

      • Swanson says:

        So you CAN mirror? I thought the post stated that mirroring was not presently possible.

        Please elaborate.

        • pmcd says:

          It mirrors really well for me. I am talking referring to AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO). Odd how different setups are leading to different conclusions re AirPlay apps. AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO) is by far the best in my opinion. It’s almost, though not quite, as good as using my Apple TV in that regard.


        • xeo says:

          I’m using it since December and it works perfectly.
          Yes it is possible to mirror and stream videos/music.

          The youtube app on the ipad doesn’t work but you can install ProTube which works and also removed the ads from the video!

  5. Ian says:

    I’ve installed airtight and it works pretty well,probably the best airplay app for the fire tv

  6. jun a. says:

    Can’t Airplay iflix movies :-(

  7. Christine says:

    Hi. I’m not very tech savvy so apologise for my next query. We’ve just purchased an Amazon Fire Stick but it’s not compatible with my IPhone 5. The comments on here seem to relate more to Android phones. Any advice?

  8. Rachel says:

    I recently bought the AirReciever app and can’t figure out how to get the airplay to work. Do this app not support airplay yet?

  9. Shana says:

    Down loaded at least two of the apps listed none of them work at all I have a iPhone 6 Plus please help!

  10. Sed says:

    Hey for some reason my iPhone 6 doesn’t pair with the airplayUPnP. It just keeps saying looking for Apple TV. Any suggestions.

  11. June H says:

    I got it work for my iTunes streaming from iPad to TV by installing AirReceiver through Fire TV stick, but I cannot stream regular TV programs from iPad due to License Issue. The message on the screen basically says that the program is not playable under current device condition and asks to disconnect any external devices.

    Please help.

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