New software update rolling out to the Amazon Fire TV Stick 2

A new software version has started rolling out to the Amazon Fire TV Stick 2. It seems it’s only being deployed to that specific device. The new update carries version number (574263220). That’s one digit different from the (574263120) that rolled out to only the Fire TV 2 last month. So now, if you count the Fire TV Edition televisions, there are 4 different latest software versions across Fire TV devices. The 1st-gen Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are on the same software, the Fire TV 2 and Fire TV Stick 2 each have a unique version of the software, and the Fire TV Edition televisions are running software.

It doesn’t seem like this new software version for the Fire TV Stick 2 has any noticeable new features. It’s very possible that this update, as well as all the ones that have been released recently for other Fire TV models, are preparing the Fire TV line to be controllable through external Alexa devices, like the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Amazon accidentally leaked out news of that feature earlier this week, but it is not yet functional.

Amazon’s own Fire TV Software Page already lists this new Fire TV Stick 2 update as the latest version, but they have not changed the list of “New and Enhanced Features.” What’s strange is that, instead of removing (573210720) as the latest software version for the Fire TV Stick 2 and replacing it with this new (574263220) software version, they have decided to list both versions as the latest software version for that device. They state on the page that “both versions are current and have the same features.” This is the first time Amazon has done something like this.

One possible explanation is that customers who purchased the Fire TV 1 with a voice remote, when it was available in that configuration before the Fire TV Stick 2 was released, are being confused and think they own the Fire TV Stick 2. Had Amazon sold only the Fire TV 1 with a non-voice remote, it would have been easy for consumers to know which generation Fire TV Stick they owned, by simply seeing which remote they had. But since, for about a year, Amazon sold the old hardware with the new remote, it’s understandable some customers would be confused with which software version is the latest for their device. So it’s probable Amazon is now listing both the and software versions as the latest for the “Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote” since a device described as such could have either version.

It’s likely that all Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition television models will eventually converge and use the same software version in the future. For whatever reason, which may become evident in the future, they are all now running slightly different version numbers. The most important thing to know is that all models seem to still share the exact same features, regardless of the software version they are on.

  1. TechyChris says:

    It “looks” like the FTV 1 & FTV Stick 1 are being
    “separated from the pack”.
    I wonder if this is the beginning of the end for updates =
    the dreaded EOL (end of life).
    Went through this already with Amazon on my Kindle second Gen, when it happened they dropped me like an ex-girlfriend, quick and dirty.

  2. Ujn Hunter says:

    Since when did the Fire TV become unusable without a connection to Amazon? I just get a “Home Screen Unavailable” with the only option to change my “Network Settings” if my WiFi is down. I used to be able to at least use the Apps installed on my Fire TV Stick even without a Network. Also, did Amazon kill the OTG on the Fire TV Stick 2? My Wired connection doesn’t seem to be available to me under “Network Settings” anymore…

    • Cdlenfert says:

      Oh boy. It lasted multiple updates and even got additional controls. Hope they aren’t getting rid of it for good.

    • Pawdog says:

      The home screen requires INTERNET. Apps that don’t require internet can still be accessed through the manage applications section. Press and hold the home button to get to settings.

  3. Meow says:

    Did 24p every get fixed? Gen1 firetv works fine no studder. Gen studder on Netflix + kodi.

  4. Itzme says:

    Does anyone know if the fire stick gen 1 will get the update that lets you control it with voice via Echo/Alexa?

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