New 2018 guide for installing Google Play Store on a ROOTED Fire TV or Fire TV Stick

A user by the name of rainman74 on XDA has just posted a new guide for installing the Google Play Store and Google Services on a rooted Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. For apps that are not available in the Amazon appstore, it’s usually a lot simpler to just sideload them on Fire TV devices than to install the Google Play Store, but that’s not always an option, especially for paid apps. For those scenarios, this guide should give you the access you need. Remember, your device must be rooted to follow this guide. To learn if your device can be rooted and how to do it, see my rooting guide. Note that this new Google Play Store guide instructs you to install the ARM64 version of GApps for Fire TV Boxes, but that’s actually incorrect. Only Fire TV 2 owners should install the ARM64 version, while all other devices, including the Fire TV 1 box, should use the ARM version.

  1. Dan Dutra says:

    I’d settle for a guide on getting Google play movies or music working on a fire TV 3.

  2. Tony Ramirez says:

    As soon as I saw “root” I stopped reading.

  3. BadRelijin says:

    I’m following the guide on my AFTV 2 box and I keep getting an “Insufficient storage space available in System partition” error 70 when attempting to install the tvstock GApps package. I created and pushed the new “gapps-config.txt” file.

    Has anyone else had this problem on their Fire TV 2? Should I remove some of the apps from the tvstock package, or try again with a nano or pico GApps install?


  4. AR says:

    oh i thought this was going to a AFTVnews tutorial
    sadly i do not have a degree in computer science so i will not try the XDA one

  5. Tony says:

    No Cs degree either, but I’ve rooted my ftv1 box to fireos5 in the past so felt ok with instructions. I tried this guide almost successfully. However i did not know how to start the playstore. I sideloaded androidtv google playstore 10.5, and could open it up, but get errors when trying to install apps. Apps don’t update or install.

    My previous old fire os 3 Google account was still installed, already logged in so I may have had to first uninstall all Google files & try this all over again.

    • Tony says:

      Well I still couldn’t get Google play store to work and open in my ftv1 box following this guide. It just opens for a second and crashes. I then sideloaded a newer Google play services so some of my apps would stop complaining about Google services not detected. I may need more help with the playstore later, but atleast most of my apps seem working good.

  6. Live says:

    We definitely need a noob guide on how to get this running.

  7. William Zambrano MD says:

    Now that we have a working root for Fire TV 2, latest firmware, is there any way to update this guide for 2019? The link on this page is no longer helpful as the author has pulled his guide.

  8. xnamkcor says:

    Person deleted the guide.

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