Netflix will soon be available on Amazon Echo Shows

Along with the plethora of things announced today by Amazon, among them is the news that Netflix is finally going to be available through Amazon Echo Show smart displays. The world’s most popular streaming service joins Prime Video and Hulu as the newest streaming service on Amazon’s displays, just a couple of months after Netflix became available on Google’s smart displays. Amazon says you will be able to use your voice to search Netflix for shows and movies, as well as control playback. It’s not known yet if all Echo Show models will receive Netflix or only select models. It was shown off on the new Echo Show 10 announced today, so it’ll obviously be available on that device, which makes sense since it can literally follow you around the room to keep the screen in view while watching content.

  1. hdmkv says:

    Official YouTube would be more useful, but that probably ain’t ever happening.

  2. Rik Emmett says:

    I’m not interested in watching movies on such a small screen.

  3. Arne Helseth says:

    I mean, I get it, and for some people this’d probably be great, but I don’t ever find myself wanting to watch the latest episode of whatever (let alone a movie) so desperately that I’d watch it on a 10″ display while cooking or whatever. And if I did, I’d install an actual TV in the kitchen.

    Youtube on the other hand.. Make it so.

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