Netflix Releases New Fire TV App

Netflix, the world’s leading internet media streaming service, has just released a brand new app for the Fire TV. The app is not an update to their existing Fire TV app, but rather a separate new app.

The new app brings Netflix’s Fire TV presence up to pace with the Android and iOS apps which received similar updates earlier this year. Front and center is the new shadowless Netflix logo they adopted a few months ago, along with a cleaner blacker look with fewer red accents.


It seems that this new Netflix app requires the latest Fire TV update, version, to work. The update is rolling out now, so everyone should be getting it soon.

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  1. sushi says:

    Every time i try to install new netflix app I get “install failed” I also tried to remove the old version but didn’t help

    Any suggestion? Any log i can check?

  2. jakepe says:

    same problem for me .-(

  3. JonnyV says:

    Same here. “Install failed”. Running most recent pre-rooted custom ROM

  4. ThomasC says:

    Same here. I tried installing several times and got the “install failed” message each time. My software version ends in .820. Standard box, not rooted.

  5. madusmacus says:

    Non-compatible device

    If you continue with this purchase, you may be purchasing an app that doesn’t work with your device.

    I really love my fire tv I really do “NOT”

  6. John Merrill says:

    Running latest custom ROM. Netflix installs; I can navigate thru the interface, but Nothing will play. Rbox is aware of this and is working on possible solutions.

  7. Barry says:

    Same issue for me, errrr!!

  8. Barry says:

    If I update to does it impact my XBMC in anyway? thanks

  9. BillH says:

    I really like netflix user interface on my ps3 and roku 3. I was so happy to see a new version of Netflix on Fire TV because the old version is so dated. Well I am using a rooted old version so I still can’t get the new version of Netflix?!…. Disappointed! I am not gonna download the latest update either.

  10. Jeff says:

    So, if we are rooted, we can’t update to the latest firmware without losing root, right? So that means no updated netflix app for those of us that are rooted?

  11. Stephen says:

    Does anyone have the new Netflix app working on a standard version of ie is it only on the pre-rooted versions that the new Netflix app doesnt work?

  12. BoomSchtick says:

    Netflix confirmed to be broken on the pre-rooted version of the new firmware. Going back to the previous version.

  13. loekf says:

    I can’t install the update. It prompts for the upgrade when you start the old version, but I can’t install it.

    Buying it in the appstore on the web doesn’t help (FireTV is not compatible it seems). When you try to buy it on the Fire TV itself, I’m getting “Unavailable, Pricing Unavailable”.

    I tried to change my address + country settings in my profile, but that doesn’t help. Why the heck did they make Netflix region/country specific ?

    • Juan Pablo says:

      hi Loekf! how did you solve your problem? I’m in Argentina and it’s the same…thanks!

      • Valeria says:


        You have to deregister the device and register your Amazon account . After that , restart the device and unplug and replug stick to HDMI port. It worked for me , and I hope to be useful.

  14. cb526 says:

    Does anybody actually have this working, rooted or not?

    • loekf says:

      Yes. Finally figured out I have to de-register and re-register my Fire TV. Only then I’m allowed to update Netflix.

      • BushmanBen says:

        Thankyou! I know this is an old comment; but you saved me more than a few grey hairs. Gentleman/woman and a scholar.

  15. ThomasC says:

    Last night my Fire TV received the update. After it rebooted, the new Netflix app appeared in the “Featured App” category. I didn’t have to download it from Amazon and send it to the Fire TV.

    Installed without a hitch. I like the new UI on the new app, seems less cluttered and easier to navigate.

  16. cb526 says:

    Anybody notice whether or not Netflix has the already promised voice search support?

  17. luigi says:

    you can actually just go to the help on the Amazon Fire Go to Settings then click on help you input your phone number for them to contact you and they call you right away…literally 2 seconds I got a call and got Netflix up and running with their help. Hope this helps someone.

  18. kitt says:

    Netflix app installed fine on the new fire tv, but can’t play

  19. Paul says:

    Prerooted the fire TV with which was updated as Netflix wouldn’t work.

    Runs without a problem.

    Nice interface at last.

  20. Wes says:

    I have a non-rooted US Fire TV running the latest build. I recently upgraded the Netflix to the new version mentioned above. I am having a really tough go at it with the video stuttering (not buffering) and getting out of sync with the audio. It’s gotten to the point where it is almost unwatchable. Anyone else experiencing these issues?

  21. Samantha says:

    I selected Help from my Fire TV and had them contact me by phone. The rep had me unplug my router for about 1 minute, then try to connect Netflix again. It worked.

  22. Chris says:

    where do you get the new Netflix app?

  23. surfnode says:

    I am getting buffering with the new version and video keeps on stuttering.

  24. Terry says:

    I had a rough time, but I finally figured it out. After I verified I had the latest Fire TV update, I tried combinations of reinstalling and rebooting and they didn’t work. Finally I deleted it from the cloud and then rebooted. After that I reinstalled it from the Featured Apps section and it works fine. Good luck. Hopefully in the future their update process is a little cleaner.

  25. Shastastan says:

    The comments above were very helpful to me. I didn’t know that there had been a firmware update, but I already had it. I uninstalled Netflix and removed it from the cloud. I re-downloaded and had to reset my Netflix password. Before, Netflix didn’t even appear in my apps. Not sure what all the mess was caused by, but I’m very disappointed that customers are no longer contacted when this stuff happens.

  26. ElHartoshke says:

    Hey, I’m interested in the new Netflix app, but i’m running an older version of the OS.
    I’m rooted with Xposed and everything, is it safe for me to update to the newest version? I can’t afford to lose root.

    I don’t have any Boot Menu or CWM recovery because i’m afraid to lose root and not being able to downgrade.

    So, can I update without losing root and functionality? Thanks! ;]

    • AFTVnews says:

      The only way to update without losing root is to update to the latest pre-rooted custom ROM. FOr that you will have to unlock your bootloader and install the boot menu.

    • Dee says:

      All, i had the same problem with my fire tv. Error message was “netflix is already installed”. I called and simply had to do a system update. Go to Settings, System, About and System Update. Fixed me right up :) Good luck!!

      • Cerise says:

        Thanks, this helped me out. I deleted the Netflix app from the Cloud first and then did this and it finally downloaded and installed. Very much appreciated. ;)

  27. Since installing Netflix’s new App am having trouble with error messages and activating Netflix when selecting on my Amazon Fire Tv-It worked fine before I installed your Oct. 15th update. It sucks now, can you help me fix this problem. I was on the phone with a Netflix Tech once trying to fix the problem.Thought I had it licked but same problem keeps cropping up. I’ve unplugged it, disconnected it , re-installed, still NFG. Please help!

  28. Luis says:

    Go to settings > applications > managed all installed applications > netflix > clear data

    I hope it helps

  29. 93036 says:

    Tried everything, no joy…still on the phone with the call center in the Philippines…

  30. Lori says:

    Even for late December 2014 shipping, Amazon Fire TV boxes shipped without the recent software update. Out of the box, the Netflix app won’t work but gives an error that your app download failed, but will begin shortly. Installing the Amazon Fire software update did the trick, but the Amazon website is woefully quiet on this step on their help pages.

    • Judy says:

      Updating the software allowed the Neflix app to download & allowed me to log into my Neflix account, but I still get the error message mentioned above (we’re having trouble playing this title right now) if I try to play ANYTHING. Any other suggestions?

  31. Erik says:

    Netflix is already installed on the Fire TV thus it won’t let you download it as an app on your account. Try this. Go to Home > Apps > Categories > Entertainment. Then scroll until you find Netflix. Click Free. The FireTV will download and install the App for you. Click Open and setup your Netflix account.

  32. Sarah says:

    My amazon tv won’t let me play prime vidios just keeps saying – we’re experiencing a problem playing this vidio ! On everything :( player error ??
    Can anyone help please

  33. Creationsh says:

    Netflix “We’re having trouble playing…..please try again another time.”

  34. Jim says:

    check your hdmi cabling…also if you are using a splitter, try going direct. This was my whole problem after hours on the phone with amazon and netflix.

  35. simon says:

    Hey Sarah, did you get a fix ? Mine has just started doing the same !
    Jim, all cables checked and okay !

  36. J says:

    Anytime I have bugs/problems with the apps I just reboot the firetv boxes. I have never updated the boxes. The boxes are all on rootable versions. So I can just reset them anytime. I’ve had to unsubscribe and subscribe again on Netflix a few times. But never had to do update from Amazon or other apps. I have amazon update blocked using adb/terminal commands.

  37. Jo says:

    We bought the Amazon fire stick today as our smart tv didn’t come with Netflix. We have followed the tips on here but STILL cannot get the Netflix app. It says Unavailable. Pricing Unavailable. Tried using the Help option but that won’t accept my phone number as a valid number. Any advice?

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